Friday, October 28, 2016

The Kremlin Really Believes That Hillary Wants to Start a War With Russia

If Hillary Clinton is elected we will be in a shooting war with Russia in the first hundred days of her administration. The congressional investigations and FBI probes at various point on her corrupt carcass will force her to change the subject in a big way. Not an aspirin factory. A shooting war which most likely will start with a dogfight in Syria where by rights we don't have a dog in the fight. She will attempt to rally support and get the neocons and the old cold warriors on the Right to sign on to "support" the President in time of war.

From Foreign Policy Magazine: 

"In a speech last month nominally about Donald Trump, Clinton calledRussian President Vladimir Putin the godfather of right-wing, extreme nationalism. To Kremlin-watchers, those were not random epithets. Two years earlier, in the most famous address of his career, Putin accused the West of backing an armed seizure of power in Ukraine by “extremists, nationalists, and right-wingers.” Clinton had not merely insulted Russia’s president: She had done so in his own words.

Worse, they were words originally directed at neo-Nazis. In Moscow, this was seen as a reprise of Clinton’s comments comparing Putin to Hitler. It injected an element of personal animus into an already strained relationship — but, more importantly, it set up Putin as the representative of an ideology that is fundamentally opposed to the United States.
Even as relations between Russia and the West have sunk to new lows in the wake of 2014’s revolution in Ukraine, the Kremlin has long contended that a Cold War II is impossible. That’s because, while there may be differences over, say, the fate of Donetsk, there is no longer a fundamental ideological struggle dividing East and West. To Russian ears, Clinton seemed determined in her speech to provide this missing ingredient for bipolar enmity, painting Moscow as the vanguard for racism, intolerance, and misogyny around the globe.
The nation Clinton described was unrecognizable to its citizens. Anti-woman? Putin’s government provides working mothers with three years of subsidized family leave. Intolerant? The president personally attended the opening of Moscow’s great mosque. Racist? Putin often touts Russia’s ethnic diversity. To Russians, it appeared that Clinton was straining to fabricate a rationale for hostilities."
The Clinton have done this before. If she starts it up with the Russians Bill Kristol and Jonah Golberg and that French guy and the wheelchair guy and George Will and all the rest of the Nevertrumpers will be cheering her on. So American boys can be killed and maimed in service of her ambition. Because you see we have no real beef with the Russians. Trump has said that. He has said isn't it better if we get along with them? And the main stream media and the so called "conservative intelligentsia" has savaged him. Because they want war. That is what their stock in trade is. Not fighting of course. But holding the coats of working class kids while they die and get maimed.  
A vote for Hillary is a vote for more wars. Like Iraq. Like Libya. Like Syria. And now Russia. There is one big difference in a war with Russia.
We could lose. Big time.


edutcher said...

A lot of people think that.

She's started several already and really has no clue what she's doing.

That makes her extremely dangerous.

Sixty Grit said...

Putin is a leftist. Like Hillary. They just need to kiss and make up.

AprilApple said...

She operates out of dual context: Greed and revenge.

so - yep.

edutcher said...

Sixty Grit said...

Putin is a leftist. Like Hillary. They just need to kiss and make up.

I'd be willing to bet Frumpty is far more the ideologue than Poot.

Poot wants the power, he wants the old Soviet empire reconstituted, but that's as far as it goes.

In that sense, he's the pragmatist Willie never was.

Trooper York said...

That is not going to happen Sixty. The only way for Hillary to cover up her crimes and rally the nation is to start a war. A little war won't do it. She can't invade Iraq or Cuba or Venezuela. That won't be enough. The only way to galvinize support and stop the inivvtalbe investigations is to start a war with Russia or China. China is too far away and frankly too powerful. So it will be Russia. Putin knows this. He is already preparing of it. He just sent an aircraft carrier into the Middle East. He is pumping up his presence in Syria.

Did you know that those morons in the UK sent 800 troops to the border with Russia as if that matters a shit.

If she wins she starts a war. It is the Bushes all over again. And the Bush administration toadies will be right there with her.

edutcher said...

Troop, if she starts a war with Poot, it's Bonaparte all over again.

Trooper York said...

That's the thing ed. She has no concept. The liberals and the neocons have a ridiculous understanding of the American military. As AllenS or the late great Aridog will tell you that amateurs talk about strategy and tactics and professionals talk about logistics. We don't have the capacity to get in a war with Russia. But we could stumble into one easily.

That is not to say that we would not ultimate win if it came to that. It by no means a sure thing. The death and devastation would be horrible. Who would stand with us? England? France? They would all shit their underpants. It would be horrible.

And for what? Syria? The Crimea? Covering up and distracting from Hillary's crimes? Why?

Leland said...

professionals talk about logistics. We don't have the capacity to get in a war with Russia.

So this is where I both disagree with Troop and agree completely. I'm with Sixty, Putin and Hillary are of the same kind. She can start a war with him. But Russia doesn't have logistics to fight the US. But they can take over proxy nations like Poland, Romania, and the former Yugoslavia. Russia just wants to regain full control over the western warm water ports. Also, Russia already has Europe at its mercy, because of global warming and anti-nuclear greenies. Europe lives its winters on gas piped in from Russia. There's attempts to get around it, but those attempts go through Turkey; which is rapidly realigning behind Russia.

So Hillary starts a proxy war, and she loses ground. Russia gains it. She then pounds out a peace treaty prior to 2020, and gets a nobel for writing the peace treaty that saved us all from nuclear war. It won't play well with American voters, but the globalists will sell it anyway. Besides, American patriotism is already be eroded by #BLM, the NFL, and the NBA.

ricpic said...

They better start a war! I mean forget Rodham, these latest revelations could bring God, er.....Obama down!!!

edutcher said...

Be still, my beating heart.

Trooper York said...

Leland the United States Military is stretched to its capacity. Senior NCO's who are the backbone of any army are leaving the military in droves under Obama. Fighting generals have been sacked and political generals who have the proper social justice warrior mindset get promoted. Military procurement is as usual scandal plagued and inadequate to the task at hand.

Russia has some very important advantages if war kicks off in Europe. Manpower. A united nation. Strong leadership. Numbers on the ground. Interior supply lines. Our guys will fight valiantly of course. Our overall technology might be superior. But the Russian doctrine of massive attacks with lower capacity arms will be hard to combat. If we want to deal with reality.

Leland said...

Troop, I don't want war with Russia. I see no point in it. But apparently with what you and Ed are showing, Hillary wants one in a bad way.