Sunday, October 30, 2016

WKRLEM: One Of The Greatest Roast Battles Ever? Scott Chaplain vs. Evan Williams

I have been enjoying comedy on Youtube these days. This is one of the nastiest and funniest roast battles I have ever seen.

This is what a debate should be like. Just sayn'


john said...

I need to say this.

No one at home listens to my opinions. No one online seems interested. I feel alone. I feel that what I hold dearly will be left inside me, unexpressed.

But time's running out. I have to say it:

Go Cubs!

Trooper York said...


bagoh20 said...

How many Cubs does it take to fix a flat tire?

Just one.

Unless it's a blowout, then the whole team shows up.

Methadras said...

I watch these a lot on my tv, not my computer because I have a smart tv and youtube is one of the apps I can use on it which makes it awesome cause I can get it in full screen and pump it through my AV system and it sounds awesome to listen to these roasts. I love them. Gives me ammo, gives me hope.