Friday, October 21, 2016

Need a smile today? Something a little bit different?

Apologies for stepping on Lem's post below. Consider this adjunct to it, please.

Small Dead Animals, that awful website up north, kidding!, ran a link to CTV News Regina website that ran a poll yesterday, now closed for a different poll. Apparently they have a new poll each day. So, it's not possible to participate any longer. Still the results are interesting.

The question was, "If you could cast a ballot in the U.S. presidential race, who would you vote for?"

At the time that Kate posted her link to the Regina website poll the tally was Hillary 32, Donald 24.

Kate's comment section brings us forward to how the poll developed.


edutcher said...

Well, these are the people who went for Baby Trudeau.

AprilApple said...

Wisconsin - get the hell out!

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I had a strange thought this morning. I was certain that I wasn't going to vote this election out of disgust but this morning I thought: Hey! Wait a minute! Maybe I should vote and vote for Clinton because that's the conservative vote because she's the devil known. She and her ilk have been around for decades and things are still pretty much as good as can be expected. California hasn't slid off into the Pacific Ocean or anything like that.

But in all fairness, it was one of things were I'm not completely awake and I might just as well have thought I was interested in cuddling with a deformed walrus who was really a combination of my third-grade teacher and an ex-girlfriend.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Eric the Fruit Bat, deformed walrus is a good description.