Monday, October 24, 2016

I am sorry Doctor but the lab results confirm it.

"You have an incurable pompadour."
"Maybe I can stop it Nurse Roberts. 30 cc's of Brylcream stat!"
"I am sorry that just won't cut it Dr. Casey. Witch Hazel, Brylcream even Dippity Doo will not help. I am afraid you are stuck with it. But then you are Italian so what do you expect?"
"I know....let's have sex."


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Morning air cures all.

ricpic said...

Maybe there was a time when doctors were worthy of the adulation from the general public that was reflected in shows like Doctor Casey, or whatever it was called. Wasn't there also a show featuring Robert Young as the perfect doctor that ran for like forever? Anyway, my doctors have never made me feel I was in particularly good hands or even caring hands. But my health has been generally good so what do I know?

Trooper York said...

Marcus Welby. With Barbara Streisand's husband as the young idealistic doctor who worked with him and Elaina Verdugo in the first attempt to normalize Mexicans as part of the work force to take the jobs away from regular Americans.