Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sanctuary Sequoia

IWOFFORD HEIGHTS, Calif. — Angel Gilberto Garcia-Avalos had been deported five times in just the past four years, yet each time he has managed to sneak from Mexico back into the U.S., where he ended up in more mischief: driving without a license, attempted burglary and felony weapons charges.

In August, he graduated to full-fledged mayhem, sparking a fire in the Sequoia National Forest that has already cost the government $61 million and left some of the country’s most beautiful landscape scarred for years to come.

Garcia, who pleaded guilty last month and faces 13 months in prison, had only recently been released from the Kern County Jail. He likely would have been deported again, but local authorities were unable to report him to immigration authorities because of California’s new sanctuary city law, which prohibited the sheriff from communicating with federal agents.

Federal agents now say they will kick Garcia out of the country once he serves his latest sentence, but the damage has already been done.

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bagoh20 said...

"13 months in prison"


13 years would be a farce. Clearly sending him back is a dumb idea. I say if caught entering illegally the first time should be some jail and the second enough jail time before we send you back that would make trying it again unlikely. Just sending someone back is no deterrent at all.

edutcher said...

Give him l8ife at hard labor planting new trees and no chance of parole.

Lem said...

I thought liberals loved the sequoia.

Lem said...

Whatever happened with the tree huggers?

bagoh20 said...

Trees don't hug back, That's gotta get to to you eventually.

Lem said...

The Bundys are doing years in jail for a lot less. Grazing cattle without a permit?

Rabel said...

"Just sending someone back is no deterrent at all."

Build the wall.

Rabel said...

There was no intent on Garcia's part to start a fire. Why is he being persecuted.

Sixty Grit said...

Put his head on a pike, pour encourager les autres.

ricpic said...

The illegal who murdered Kate Steinle had been deported five or six times. But who remembers Kate Steinle? I mean that happened ages ago.

Amartel said...

Mad love for the environment suddenly evaporates because this fine individual is a potential Dem voter. Priorities, people!

bagoh20 said...

You know why the wall won't be built and if it is, it won't work?

Two words: government project.

The biggest problem is it would never be done in our lifetime, and we would wait years to find out it doesn't work. People even breach 90 miles of ocean between Cuba and Florida. Would they even try if they couldn't survive once they got here?

Build a wall of law in the Congress that makes illegals unable to survive here. Without that they will still find a way in, and you need that anyway to deal with the ones here already, unless you want amnesty. Taking away the carrots is the secret. Immigrants around the world are traveling to nations with big generous governments. The others places don't need no stinking wall.

This idea that Trump will be able to build it is the same blindness that imagined the Democrats would wilt under Trumps powers in the campaign, but Trump has been reduced to full time defense, and he's mostly impotent in the campaign at this point.

The only thing hurting Hillary now is Wikileaks and Project Veritas, neither one was expected. Thank God for truth and those who use it.

chickelit said...

Bags, I think Trump will ignore the details of any other Government Project but I suspect he will become personally involved in the wall project. Sort of like this Old Post Office thing he did in DC.

Sixty Grit said...

The wall is the symbol of a willingness to defend this country. It doesn't even need to be anything more concrete than a string so long as it is backed up with machine guns, land mines and a populace willing to shoot illegals on sight.

Of course, none of that exists, so welcome to the end of the republic.

edutcher said...

bagoh20 said...

You know why the wall won't be built and if it is, it won't work?

Two words: government project.

If the will is there, it will work.

The non-Trumpers have been trying all year to find a way it won't work, but I think Trump, not being a Whig, is going to be a tough nut for the DC crowd to crack.

Leland said...
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Leland said...

Whatever happened with the tree huggers?

She's in Miami; having left California in 1992.

13 months for $61 million? And the follow up is to give a free ride home? Can we at least bill Mexico for the carbon emissions tax?

bagoh20 said...

I wonder if Trump will even care much about the wall once he's elected. Unless he violates laws all over the place, it's not gonna be fun.

bagoh20 said...

TOP has a post up that will thrill the hearts of Trumpets everywhere.

If you want to avoid that portal, the source is Rush.

AllenS said...

It's because of bullshit like this, is why we have Trump.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I so hope ed is proven right on November 9.

bagoh20 said...

It would be icing on the cake if Trump won while the polls show him clearly losing.

I mean, I think I want that. Would it be good or bad if the people in power didn't trust polling, because that's all we have to tell them what we think between elections. It didn't stop Democrats with Obamacare, but lately they seem to do what they want and just lie about it later, expecting media of all sorts to change minds. I think Republicans are more sensitive to polls. They actually care what people want a little more, because they know the media will not protect them.

edutcher said...

OT, but another state of hanky-pank.

People voting twice in CO - and they're dead!

I thought that only happened in Chiraq.

PS A few polls show Trump moving up and the Beast fading. Could be the fix is out.

If so, a lot of people will have to change their tune the next couple of weeks to preserve their credibility.

(yes, I use the word loosely)

Some thoughts on this by Surber.

One last point, the last RCP average I saw had 2 versions of the same poll. This is why I remain skeptical.

PPS Willie's son (if Pissy..., never mind) banned for life from YouTube.

Like Juanita Broaddrick, I guess his story resonates.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Welcome to the State and National forests where it is no longer safe to take a Sunday drive out on a forested side road, hike on a path, walk on an abandoned railroad bed, fish in a secluded stream. You are taking your life into your hands in some areas because the drug dealers, honey oil brewing stations, meth labs, marijuana growers abound. Almost ALL are illegals and belong to gangs.

Not only are they a danger to humans, they are degrading the environment with trash, garbage, literal shit/excrement, chemicals and diverting streams that subsequently kill fish, pollute the water, starve the wetlands and in all ways destroy the fragile eco-structure.

But...hey......they will vote Democrat right? So no harm done.

We do not go out on the forest roads or back areas without being fully armed.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Would they even try if they couldn't survive once they got here?

How about if you are not a LEGAL citizen you get no freebies. No food stamps, welfare money, subsidized housing, medical*, SSI, Social security, dental, free school, school lunches. NOTHING. Just like OUR ancestors got when they immigrated, legally when there was a system.

Until recently immigrants were on their own, relied on family, religious groups, charity. If you didn't starved. Now it is the life of Riley while the rest of us working schlubs pay taxes and don't get all the free crap.

My husband just found out he needs a root canal which is going to cost us a total of $2600 with a crown and even though his appointment isn't until next week, he has to work through the pain so we can pay 100% out of pocket for this. Pulling pumps, plumbing water tanks, digging trenches while taking pain pills and antibiotics. No help for us. Pay through the nose. If he was an illegal alien, he would get the free dental and not have to worry about working.

* The only medical I would think is applicable is to screen the illegals and ALL immigrants as they are either caught or come into the country to avoid the spread of diseases like TB, Leprosy.....and to inoculate ALL who come in for communicable diseases like measles etc. I don't care about THEM....I care about US and protecting American Citizens from becoming a diseased third world country. The sick illegals and immigrants can go home and get better....or die.

edutcher said...

This is a condition hat has existed for 40 years.

The gangs are a somewhat new wrinkle.

oopsy, take care. We don't need another Kate Steinle.

edutcher said...

PS No freebies unless a citizen would require a SCUS of Trumpist thugs (as (someone)) once said).

I'd love to see the Wise Latina borrow a Louisville Slugger from the Short Shortstop and get busted for carrying a deadly weapon.

PPS oopsy, if they have what used to be called loathsome diseases, they should be stopped at the border, quarantined, and sent to the country of origin.

bagoh20 said...

"How about if you are not a LEGAL citizen you get no freebies. No food stamps, welfare money, subsidized housing, medical*, SSI, Social security, dental, free school, school lunches. NOTHING. Just like OUR ancestors got when they immigrated, legally when there was a system."

That's exactly my point, and has been forever. They don't come just because there's no wall. It's dangerous, expensive, and you have to leave your family and friends behind. It costs them thousands to get here, and they could get robbed, raped, or killed. Nobody is gonna do that unless it pays off, which it currently does.

If someone kept stealing your wallet because you left it full of money on the front porch, it doesn't make a lot of sense to build a wall around your property rather than just keeping your wallet safely out of reach. The wall might work, but if they know the wallet is still out front, they'll find a way to it. Of course after you build the wall, your wallet will be empty anyway.

Trooper York said...

We should follow the example of the San Patricio battalion in the Mexican War. After we catch an illegal they should be branded on the cheek with a I for Illegal. I mean they love tattoos so much so we can put one between the tear drop and the tribal marking.

Trooper York said...

Heres the thing bags. You should be able to leave your wallet out in your house. If someone tried to take it you should shoot their illegal ass. Period.

ampersand said...

Mexico's population has grown 26 million in 16 years. They are now sending their children here, on there own, for us to take care of. Of course Mexicans have been sneaking in for years, even when their population was under 30 million but this child dumping is really disgusting.

bagoh20 said...

"You should be able to leave your wallet out in your house."

What internet provider do you use on your planet?