Friday, July 8, 2016

We Expected This, Didn't We

"At the event, MAS leader Khalilah Sabra openly discussed the importance of Muslim support for Black Lives Matter, and urged ‘revolution.’ Comparing the situation in the United States to the Muslim Brotherhood-led Arab Spring revolutions, she asked, ‘We are the community that staged a revolution across the world; if we can do that, why can’t we have that revolution in America?’” And with the mass murder of police in Dallas last night, we’re getting there."


ndspinelli said...

I saw this guy being interviewed on NBC news. My bride and I looked @ each other w/ a WTF look. Very bizarre man. He was on only a short time, describing the shooting. He was identified as a rally organizer.

edutcher said...

Kind of like our own black Narcissus.

And, of course, Al Qaeda and IS are, oh, so happy,

Not to mention the New Black Panthers (Eric Holder's people) going to Baton Rouge to protest

If they're not careful, some felon might get shot.

chickelit said...

An unholy alliance wholly allied with the Left.

Lem said...

Rush said today BLM is a terrorist group.

Lem said...

White House Petition To ‘Formally Recognize BLM As A Terrorist Organization’ Picks Up Steam

Read more:

Chip Ahoy said...

I'll never forget that guy sitting at the bar. Almost 20 years ago now. This was late afternoon. I stopped in after work to meet somebody else on my way home. But that guy was sitting there so I chatted it up. I took him for a model. He had a clean cut and crisp clipped look to him, a very together look, olive skin, thick hair, gray eyes with black dot like Siberian Huskies have. And once he started speaking it was clear right off that he was really bummed out. About being mixed race. And I looked hard at his face, that's why I can remember so well, and I'm all what, no wait, what? What? Studying his face you cannot notice. But this is his thing. I'm not going to argue.

"Aaaaw, yeah, now I see. Right there. Your nose, now I see now that you insist. There it is"

To get me to understand his plight he continued with woes. Now that I managed to notice his broad nose. They were all mundane and eminently arguable but there was no point. He was only a wearisome fuck intent on being so and other than attitude has very much going for him. He was a mysteriously bad attitude having guy.

And I realized each of us has our own relationship with these things, as they add up, for each of us the set of things is regarded and weighted uniquely and fit into all previous conceptualizations, now pre-conceptualizations, judgements, prejudices.

I listened to Dexter and he makes little sense, strong feels well sorted but poorly analyzed. He does not have specific reasons to defend his own prejudices, he's never been questioned. He just feels, and that's all that's needed. Dexter is church-going Christian that's weighted with BLM that's weighted with whatever he reads about Palin (few people out there actually listen to her all the way through.)

He hates Palin and the closest I could get, and just asking this drove two people from the room, what exactly did Palin say about BLM that was so offensive to him. He never did say. He doesn't know. Hate without specifically knowing why. There is no pinprick. He's got nothing. Nothing but feeling. So each incident is slathered with feels, and emotionally connected with other feel-slathered events, realities, experiences, perceptions. And when he mentioned his information is from media, then receiving his feelings predigested and spoon-fed, I realized my work is cut out for me and it is monumental and I'm not up to it and I can get nowhere, and whatever I have will be rebuffed because it will always boil down to, "well you just cannot know what it's like."

Well he doesn't know what it's like to be white guy and have to put up with all this horse shit either. And he's too young to appreciate we already lived this same type boiling over before and you and your hangups, and you and your party are really not my biz wax. I have my own relationship with all these same things.

And the other guy who described interaction with cop like Richard Pryor also described how my dad took the time to teach us how to behave. Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir. (I think that's what the guy did. He actually said, I am reaching for my i.d. BANG! HALT! OR I'LL BANG SHOOOT! BANG!

That would not have happened to a white guy. That is their point they are driving with this.

ndspinelli said...

Trump was on CNN calling for "law and order." Myself, and edutcher says he as well, have said for some time this is shaping up like the 60's and Nixon. Trump and Nixon are very different people, but timing is everything in this world and the timing looks to be right.

AprilApple said...

I live in a swing state. The ads on TV are wall-to-wall Hillary ads. One ad was a negative Trump ad showing Trump talking to Chuck Todd about how he learns everything by watching "the shows." "I just watch the shows"


AprilApple said...

Trump has given Bill and Hillary so much material, the anti-Trump ads write themselves.

AprilApple said...

It's startling but hardly surprising that Islam wants to attract angry men into it's angry man religion of victim-hood and revenge.

ndspinelli said...

April, I may be wrong. But this is a new war, and Clinton has old generals fighting the old wars. These tactics in the new paradigm won't work. I don't think Clinton can beat Trump and I think she knows that. Only Trump can beat Trump and I say it's even money that happens. If I were running Clinton's campaign, I would have guerrilla troops following Trump and baiting him @ every chance w/ hidden video cameras. The ground and air wars are over. It's guerrilla warfare now.

ricpic said...

Rodham, in response to the murder of white cops - for being white - by blacks has called on whites to "change their ways." Why should this surprise? Her fate is tied to black turnout. A Democrat MUST MASSAGE BLACKS no matter what.

The choice before us is so stark that only the willfully blind are "agonizing" between Rodham and Trump.

AprilApple said...

ND - well, the polls tell a different story. Trump isn't organized and he isn't fighting back like he promised.

ndspinelli said...

Jim Gaffigan made a funny and poignant observation. Comedians see the world as it is. He says many people don't want to tell anyone they are going to vote for Trump, but they are. Now, we have some extremely proud Trump voters here. But, you know Gaffigan is correct. Regarding polling. With land lines becoming more and more rare, and there being no cell phone national database, random polling is becoming more difficult and less accurate. Add the fact that all phones have caller ID, and people don't pick up random calls. Again, new paradigm.

AprilApple said...

I don't think so. If Trump were articulate, maybe. He's a buffoon. so - no. People don't like him.

edutcher said...

Trump is articulate enough to have beaten the One True Ted and all the other Whigs. April, as always, believes what she wants to.

To wit:

AprilApple said...
The primary is over, ed. The media dragged Trump across the finish line for Hillary.

When there were 17 candidates, Rubio and Carson were ahead of Hillary in the polls.

Election projection
July 6, 2016 at 5:41 PM

Thus Little Marco or Carson should be nominated.

AprilApple said...

Evi - I'm a loyal R-voter. Even this time. This is NOT about me or who I vote for.

The media ushered in Trump so that they can take him out. It's that simple.
Again - THE MEDIA USHERED IN TRUMP SO THEY CAN TAKE HIM OUT. This is all for Hillary. I'm not voting for her. I would never vote for her. That's insane. I'm thinking of leaving the country I love if she gets in (yes yes - I know I sound like the left) She is corrupt. She is getting away with it because we fell for bluster and promises of a big wall. We fell for the media's manipulation that the entire GOPe is evil.We would be ahead of Clinton in the polls had we nominated someone else. You can disagree with me and yell "heresy!", but it's true.

It's not too late to dump Trump, and if we don't, it's over.

July 6, 2016 at 11:41 AM

edutcher said...

On a more germane note, nd and I had a quick discussion last night:

ndspinelli said...

People are ignorant of history. I've been waiting to hear someone, anywhere, compare the current culture of violence, hatred, lawlessness, etc. to the 1960's. And then to point out who ran on "law and order" and won the Presidency.

I pointed out

edutcher said...
nd, I have been talking about '68 for months.

I remember all the dancin' in the streets fomented by Stokely Carmichael and Rap Brown. I remember Lyndon Johnson getting mobbed and shouted down. I remember how crime shot out of sight once the courts decided the criminals had rights.

And, yes, I have mentioned how Nixon benefitted from all that.

I think I did a comment yesterday or today on the subject. Maybe one each day.

I'm sure most of the people here are sick of me talking about it, but I keep bringing it up

And he was good enough to reply

ndspinelli said...

ed, I missed your comments tying this to the 60's. I wonder if Ted Cruz old man is involved in this Dallas assassination conspiracy?

Now we have a few new things to add

nd learned this and added to the old post:

ndspinelli said...

CORRECTION: I'm out of the loop and here's new info.

There was a change in FBI protocol regarding recording interviews. On 5/22/14 a directive came down requiring all interviews of subjects to be recorded, w/ the preference being video over audio. It took awhile for that to be implemented but it is the current protocol. Sheryl Attkisson has a source that says Clinton was not recorded. The more we learn the more this stinks. And, as I have said, Comey saying he needed a referral from Congress regarding her lying to them under oath is FUCKING BULLSHIT! Any investigative agency can go wherever facts lead. Another point. There was obviously no follow-up after the Clinton interview. Anyone knows, particularly w/ a Clinton, you verify everything they say. Lying to the FBI is a felony and she ALWAYS lies.

July 9, 2016 at 10:56 AM

We knew Alton Sterling was a career thug, now we learn Philando Castile met the description of a BOLO for an armed robbery suspect and had no CCP. We also learn he had been pulled over 52 times.

Just like the SOB (son of Barry), the Gentle Giant, and Freddie Gray, neither of these clowns was up to no good.

But, to answer nd's question about taking advantage of all this, off his FB page, his new motto, MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN.

PS This is silly, but I put it in because we're all panicked about polls. Trump up 10 in new poll.

It's real estate people weighing in on who'd be best to restore the real estate market, so, yeah...

Serious question for all the readers of tea leaves - is this just another silly little poll or does it say something more?

AprilApple said...

Trump is an inarticulate moron and more than likely a stalking horse for HIllary.

Gingrich is articulate. Too bad we can't ask Trump to STFU and let Gingrich speak for the duration.

AprilApple said...

Obsessive trolling. is that some form of personality disorder?

edutcher said...

You should seek treatment for it.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I got temporary blinded by his white dometop. I have not seen such ""blackness" since Shaun King.

edutcher said...

Dude, the link doesn't work (don't put quotes around it).

In any case, a few more things about Philando Castile I linked above. He had no CCP and had a history of being pulled over (52 times). Maybe in MS that would be de rigeur, but in PC, super-Liberal Minnesnowta?

More here than meets the eye.

Amartel said...

This is the second white guy to be in charge of BLM.
One more reason to think they're not really all that interested in black lives.
Black lives don't matter enough to be in charge of Black Lives Matter.
Black lives only matter if they're dead at the hands of the police or some other white person.
Waitaminit, do black lives matter only when they're collateral damage for white politicians?
Should rename themselves Getting a Criminal Elected Matters.