Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"Venezuelans storm Colombia border..."

The GuardianFive hundred hungry Venezuelan women have stormed across a bridge into Colombia, defying a year-long border closure in search of basic foodstuff and goods which are hard to find back home.

Dressed in white T-shirts, the women from the Venezuelan town of Ureña marched up to the barriers manned by members of the National Guard. The guardsmen formed a cordon to prevent the women from passing but they eventually broke through, cheering as they ran across the bridge into the Colombian city of Cúcuta.

“The women of Ureña decided to come to the international bridge to cross the border because we don’t have food in our homes, our children are going hungry, there is a lot of need,” one woman told the Cúcuta daily La Opinion.

The women poured into the markets and shops of the Colombian city, snatching up toilet paper, flour, cooking oil, corn flour and other goods hard to find back home.

Because of the exchange rate between the Venezuelan bolivar and Colombian peso, and the lack of subsidies in Colombia, the women who forced their way across the border on Tuesday may have paid 10 times the price for the goods they bought compared to the official prices at home.

But their complaint was that the goods cannot be found in Venezuela. (link for more)


Lem said...

"Please take our colorful large denomination currency bearing many zeros and inspiring portraits of Hugo Chavez" David Burge tweet.

edutcher said...

Coming to a city near you.

Probably more like the Canuckistan border than Mexico, but, with April on Hillary's side, you never know.

Methadras said...

Does a single one of these people blame socialism? Nope.

ndspinelli said...

Vin Scully nailed it in under 30 seconds of great commentary. Between pitches! I think you might see the return of Los Pepes in Colombia. They are a South American country w/ a strong conservative party. They don't fucking dance.

ampersand said...

Workers of the World, Unite! You have nothing to lose but your food, medicine and toilet paper.

Amartel said...

Californians storm Oregon border.
Wait, no, nevermind. Just run into the Pacific and take your chances with the sharks.