Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The show put on is like a figure 8.

Both clumsy inept square dance and elegant waltz. It is a fantastic and beautiful show, not kabuki, better than Broadway, better more expensive than anything Hollywood ever produced by themselves but includes them, written large across the sky in contrails left by private jets and through clouds of public money, by the clumsiest ugliest performers ever staged who couldn't get a job in show business if their lives depended, and together they hold the rapt attention of a nation.

The principal dancers are living the dance and making it up as they go, that's what is so incredible. It's entertainment value is gauged by blood pressure fluctuations, engaging because it means global power. It is remarkable how the performers disgust each other, even husband and wife, even boss and subordinate, yet reach out, connect, press a hand on the back of their partner and swing around and promenade, reach out again, press a hand again, swing and promenade so the shape is an 8 that connects to another partner and to a another swing and promenade as curiously engaging interconnected Möbius strips. 

The show begins well before two jets touchdown but the audience does not see that. The crime syndicate principal meets with the highest justice official there is to discuss her role in the family's insinuation into presidency but the audience does not see that either. The audience does see the official's subordinate and head of his own investigative department describe the crime family's matriarch on television in scathing and damning prosecutorial terms then pass the responsibility to prosecute onto his boss, the highest justice official. The justice official's direct boss carries the crime family matriarch in his official transport and presents the crime family matriarch behind his presidential seal. 

The anti-hero is a creep put forward for his creepy qualities that include slash and burn proclivities, and could even be a mole, so the audience's apprehensions are divided different ways.

"I'd pay money to see a show like that." 

Whatever the cost, irrelevant to actors, we're already paying. 


Lem said...

On the same day, within hours of Comey convicting Hillary with his own words, if not on paper, Obama was showcasing her, come on down, you are the next contestant on the price is right.

Lem said...

The only conclusion I can draw is that there was nobody on board to indict Hillary. Comey didn't want to be the only one to object, if he had he would look like a partisan. A lone wolf.

Lem said...

The question becomes how did the career people looking at what they had on her come to the conclusion they did?

9 times out 10, nay, 10 times out of 10, an agency like the fbi first priority is to justify its existence.

What is there, that these set of deciders see as more important? As opposed to another set of deciders.

I mean, the luck of the Clintons to keep hitting sevens every time. Little wonder some people believe it's all rigged.

Chip Ahoy said...

Lem, it's similar to Roberts. They have the case in front of them and the force of the entire present day political zeitgeist bearing upon them individually, they look out from their space and see civil war bearing on their decision, and they are simply not up it. Both Roberts are Comey shifted their decision. Both are not up to the pressure behind their case so they shifted the pressure of making historic decision.

In their minds, ultimately, shifted it back to the people to tolerate this straight up unconstitutional and illegal horse shit or not. But that shakes down to shifting it back to the parties and one of them is fierce as a mental institution broken loose at any given moment, and the other party a single row of scrawny Barney Fifes.

IF conservative right were 1/100 fierce as their political opponents, they'd have already shot off the faces of any and all opposition with shot sized for large game. But they're not. They're actually timid. We saw in real time twice. Both on incredibly important decisions. They're both not up to it. That's what i saw.

ndspinelli said...

Lem, The FBI and US Attorneys ALWAYS lean heavily toward indictment. Unless politics is involved like this. I would keep my eye out for leaks from FBI agents. Now, the Obama people are the most savage plumbers of leaks ever, but FBI guys are smart enough to leak w/o getting caught. Then there's Putin and the Chinamen. But, they want Hilalry in office so they can most effectively use their blackmail.

ricpic said...

Professional politicians understand that the human race cannot bare much reality (if any) and therefore spoon their audience a steady diet of soothing platitudes. During the first reign of Bill & Hillary aka Bonnie & Clyde, I decided on my own private personal name for Bill: Duck Billed Platitudinous. She'll do the same. Expect her, between now and November not so much to brazen it out as to simply coat her intended audience in soothing platitudes and nothing but. Will it work? If history is anything to go by, yes.

ndspinelli said...

ric, Here's the problem. People like Obama, Biden and even Warren outshine this lesbian bimbo on stage.

Methadras said...

Sorry Chip, what you described is exactly Kabuki.

Chip Ahoy said...

Nuh uh, I described a SQUARE DANCE!