Sunday, July 10, 2016

t-shirt canon banned in Victoria as firearm

Victorian police have banned the use of T-shirt cannons at AFL matches after it was deemed they are too dangerous to be operated without a license. 
The cannons are classified as a category E firearm which would require a special license that police have said they will not be granting to AFL clubs. 
Other weapons in this category include shotguns, bazookas and mortars.
More words like that even more offensive to liberty, pursuit of happiness, self expression and fun at Sports News.

T-shirts will be distributed in an orderly and safe fashion.

This isn't the first such incident. In looking for the item I noticed other cities in Australia busting this same move by the same reasoning. They went prostrate for actual firearm confiscation, they'll do the same for this. It's like the old aborigine saying goes give 'em an acacia and they'll take a eucalyptus every time and it always boomerangs back and bites like a dingo.

They're testing to see how far they can go.


ampersand said...

Do they call this the Maude Flanders law?

ndspinelli said...

I went an Angels game last season and got a Mike Trout t-shirt shot out of a potato gun. Gave it to an Angel's fan.

Sixty Grit said...

I have built several trebuchets, one of which is on You-Tube. Not the most mobile of war engines, I must say.

Did you ever see the Twilight Zone episode with Warren Oates, when he took a Sherman tank to the battle of Little Big Horn? Yeah, it's not good.

But back to the point of this comment - CL - I am still using the steam bath method of trying to get the sap to set in my white pine - I started building a Soxhlet extractor with a thimble large enough to hold the piece I am working one, but my neighbors on one side thought it was a still and wanted some of the run, and the guy on the other side thought it was God's own bong. Hill folk, what are you going to do, right?

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

This is pretty cool...