Friday, July 1, 2016

I wanna Bangledesh on your Drum all night!

Most people first heard about Bangledesh when there was that terrible war in 1971 and George Harrison had a concert in the Garden to benefit the refugees. In those days the idea was to help people where they lived instead of importing them to Idaho so they could rape babies. Bangledesh was one of those strange countries like Burma or Indonesia that you didn't know too much about. It was full of Muslims who were busy hating on the Hindus at the time until they switched to hating on Christians and Jews. You know the good old days.

I know a shit pot full of guys from Bangladesh.  They have basically taken over the car service and limo and Uber business in Brooklyn. Not exclusively but I would say a good 60% of the drivers are from some mud hut over there. I have texted Omar and the two Hassans and Funny Ronnie and Khan to make sure that their families are ok with what is happening over there. They all seem to be fine and not involved. But they are plenty worried. It hit home to them finally. There is a surprising amount of support for Trump among them. Part of it is the age old immigrant thing. Once they are on the ship they want to pull the ladder up. They know how fucked up their country is and they don't want to bring it here. I can only tell them one thing.

It don't come easy.


ricpic said...

Huma loving Hillary getting weaker with each attack. Or maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's more important to vote "historically" than it is to survive.

Trooper York said...

I think it is working on people but they are not saying they are voting for Trump but in the end they will.

chickelit said...

Ringo Starr paid the least dues of any Beatle.

Just sayin'

chickelit said...

Speaking of fucked up Brits and immigration -- keep your eye on Pink Floyd's Roger Waters -- Palestinian sympathizer, anti-Semite, and all around Britain-loather. Plus he's been married more times than Donald Trump. He's just about due for a petulant outburst.

ricpic said...

The thing I liked most about Ringo is that it was obvious he knew he had lucked into a charmed life and he never stopped being grateful for his amazing buena fortuna. Dues? Some guys hit the jackpot, that's all. But he did appreciate it. Not a spoiled jerk.

edutcher said...

The North East Frontier of Inja wasn't as deadly as the North West Frontier.

All Ringo had to do was remember the name Pete Best.

Or even Stu Sutcliffe.