Saturday, July 2, 2016

Denver Art Museum, free for kids, summer classes for ages 4-5.

Hmm. That seems a very narrow range of ages. The first floor of the Hamilton building is sectioned off, first a cattle chute back and forth forward one, back and forth to the front, and people do weave it even though there is no line, they could skip the whole thing walk around it to the front and wait there to be called next, but nobody does that, they all obediently weave the ridiculous artificial path for them. To get a ticket. To go into another cavernous room for free.

Once inside the kids can learn about Japan through interactive activities and crafts.

Or pick up a kid's backpack and explore its contents for an adventure.

Or go to one of the creative corners to play with miniature mannequins.

Or discover European and American arty by piecing together a portrait using everyday objects or dress up in costume.

Or enjoy the insane creations in the Bosch Puppet theatre and build puppets inspired by Bosch paintings.

Or dress up in costumes to see how it feels to wear clothes of people in paintings. Or follow clues to explore the American west.

Denver Art Museum, programming / kids - families.

I spoke with several of these people. They're all charming, all out to have nice good family fun. Especially fun seeing dads with their children. The kids are all having a blast.


ricpic said...

The great thing about art museums when I was a kid back in the early middle ages is that they were empty. You could wander around in them UNSUPERVISED! and find yourself staring at a Virgin Mary with one of her breasts popped out! or a Rubens full of heaving flesh or El Greco's Toledo under a splitting sky and get a graphic lesson in the power of drama as only he could deliver it. Yes, I was lucky to have the near empty Metropolitan Museum to myself in the days before culture became big business and everything got very organized and very wrong.

Trooper York said...

Great photos!

Chip Ahoy said...

I asked the Asian woman in red flannel shirt and two little boys if they intended to paint their faces. The two boys lit up, "yeah!" The mum said she didn't think the boys could wait in line.

They like to hop around.

"There's a line?" Both boys were instantly bummed out. They didn't want no line. Screw that. Not worth waiting just to paint your own face. But then I saw they they did go in. And the line disappeared. And I bet they do paint their faces. That whole place looks like fun inside. I didn't shoot inside because I don't want to scare mums thinking I'm perving on their kids.

Another woman suggested I do. Then when I told her my objection she goes, "Yeah, parents can weirded out sometimes."

See the kids with sticks and a silhouette of an animal. Those are shadow puppets they made and get to take home.

I said to the woman sitting next to me I have a great shot of her and her boyfriend I wish I could have lifted the thing up when he kissed her but people move too fast for me. I showed her the picture I took of them. She wasn't impressed. Her head is turned away. And she's not gorgeous, but the photo is.

chickelit said...

I didn't shoot inside because I don't want to scare mums thinking I'm perving on their kids.

Just wear normal colored pants and you'll be fine, chip.

I don't recall going to any great art museums as a kid. But, Chicago had a great Museum of Science and Industry. I remember taking a passenger train down there from Madison to Chicago on a school field trip. They had such cool things there: A real German U-Boat; a working coal mine, a big model of a heart you could walk through; dioramas galore of famous scenes in history. Working models of everything. They had a life-sized mock-up of an American street called "Yesteryear" which showed what everyday life was like in the early 20th Century.

Art museums were for sissies and I felt sorry for them.

ndspinelli said...

I'm seeing many Royal's shirts as I travel this great country. You can always tell who won the World Series.