Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bloody Megyn Kelly shows her true colors...refuses to back boss who had her back because she wants to protect her career!

Bloody Megyn Kelly has remained silent during the ongoing dust up about allegations of sexual harassment against her boss Roger Ailes. You will remember how he came to her defense when she got into it with Donald Trump. He didn't back down and Trump didn't do a Fox debate that cost the network millions of dollars in lost revenue because Ailes refused to remove a prejudiced journalist from the debate.

As reported in "The Daily Beast":

Frustration and anger within Fox News are building over primetime star Megyn Kelly’s apparent unwillingness to take sides on behalf of her embattled boss, Roger Ailes, in his publicly damaging legal battle against fired Fox anchor Gretchen Carlson.
"“Megyn is being selfish,” a Fox News insider told The Daily Beast on condition of anonymity because this person was not authorized by the network to speak about the subject, on or off the record. “It’s pretty shocking actually.”
The 45-year-old Kelly—a former corporate litigator whose television career has been carefully nurtured by Ailes since he hired her 12 years ago from the local Washington, D.C., ABC affiliate—is a conspicuous outlier among more than a dozen Fox News personalities, mostly women, who in press interviews and other forums have faithfully defended the 76-year-old Ailes against the 50-year-old Carlson’s allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination."

Megyn Kelly is a worm and the worst sort of Social Justice Warrior who has conducted an unending jihad against Donald Trump. His biggest mistake of his campaign so far was to go on her special and playing nice. She is a snake like all journalists. Trump needs to continue to rough them up and treat them like shit. Because they will turn on even their friends and protectors. Don't make the mistake to think that they are anything but worthless scum with Bloody Megyn the worst of the lot.

I don't know if Ailes is guilty of anything. The freaking guy is a million years old and he probably can't even get it up. If he did he is not going to pick an over the hill hose bag like Gretchen Carlson. She is in this for the money. It is obvious. In the meantime Bill Clinton has harassed and actually raped women and he still gets deferential treatment from the news scum. 

It is sick out there and it is getting sicker.


chickelit said...

Haven't watched her since the debates. Frankly, I'm surprised people still watch her. The way to get back at her to NOT WATCH HER!

Oh and, don't watch sports teams with loud mouthed BLMer's! Just turn the shit off!

Trooper York said...

I have a post about that chickie.

I don't watch her. But she comes up in clips and in visits to shows I do watch like The Five. Also she anchors a lot of election coverage so you are kind of forced to watch her.

I really hope that Trump does start his own cable news network even if he is elected President. He can put Ivanka in charge and use it as his propaganda arm. It would be a fantastic new paradigm and change in how things are done. Live streaming 24/7. I am pretty sure that is what they are going to do win or lose. Especially if Ailes if forced out. Trump could hire him. That would be karma right there.

edutcher said...

Most of the other infobabes at Fox have Ailes' back and I stand by my judgment that this "allegation" is the Murdoch brothers' attempt to show him the door.

Trooper York said...

I really hope that Trump does start his own cable news network even if he is elected President. He can put Ivanka in charge and use it as his propaganda arm. It would be a fantastic new paradigm and change in how things are done. Live streaming 24/7

We need about 4 or 5 like that and you're right about streaming and all the other enhancements. Trump has shown that the old ways of doing things are dying and it's time to get ahead of the curve.

AJ Lynch said...

I doubt Roger Ailes ever hit on the FNC babes because I think he must be gay. If not, how the hell has Shepherd Smith kept his job there this long?

bagoh20 said...

Maybe she doesn't know what happened, and therefore has nothing fair to say about it. Seems like a policy a lot more people should adopt.

Amartel said...

Do your part. Circle the wagons. Denounce the witch. The Clintons did the same thing. Those hypocrites. Good for Megyn to stay well out of it if she has nothing to contribute. And I don't believe or disbelieve Gretchen Carlson. I prefer to let it work itself out without turning into a circus with multiple side shows. Farging gossip sites and the politics-is-personal whores have changed the way people view current events, and not for the better. Now there's a constant compulsion to take a stand on every little fight just based on gen prin before you have all the facts if you even care to have all the facts in the first place. Then, having taken a stand, publicly, people feel compelled to dig in and defend it when new facts come out that are inconsistent with the facts and loyalties you were working with originally.

edutcher said...

AJ, Ailes is 76.

That's why he hasn't hit on them. He also doesn't think with his schlong.

As for Smith, he seems to be the Tiffany lamp of the place.

AJ Lynch said...

Ed - I was trying to make a joke. Lighten up will you.

And do you really think I don't know how old Ailes is?

edutcher said...

My bad.

Around here, it's sometimes a little hard to figure who's kidding and who isn't.

Trooper York said...

Does loyalty mean anything to you Amartel? I mean Ailes lost millions supporting Megyn Kelly in the debate debacle. All she has to do is what so many of the other Fox women have done. Simply issue a statement that Roger Ailes had always been professional in his relationship with her and never made inappropriate remarks. She doesn't have to go to the mattresses but she doesn't have to stay silent. She is the typical Washington insider who is more concerned about pleasing the politically correct than standing behind people who were loyal to her much to their own monetary loss.

She is a disloyal twat and a snake and if I were Ailes I would cut her loose if he still is in charge. I would also cut her hours down and put the FOX babes who supported him in front of the Camera. Kimberly Guilfoyle is just as good a journalist and a lot hotter besides. Fire this twat or put her on overnights. Put Kimberly and her giant rack on my TV. Right now!

Trooper York said...

Nothing says political acumen and journalistic integrity like a huge set of tits.

Methadras said...

I am utterly neutral in this matter. Everyone is deciding where their bread is being buttered from. If Kelly doesn't want to publicly step up for Ailes, she doesn't have to. She may support him privately, but maybe she believes she's not obligated to in order not to wade into the public sphere considering her prior issues with Trump.

Synova said...

No, I don't think that loyalty is the most important thing here. If she doesn't know for certain, yes or no, than she's right to try to stay out of it.

Trooper York said...

So you think the right thing is to say nothing in support of the man who made your career and stood behind you when things were really tough? That solidarity with another woman's wild claims dictates that you can not simple state that your employer never exhibited such behavior in your presence. Or conversely if he did you should not come out in support of Carlson if what she said is true. You think the right thing is to stay silent.

I don't see it myself. If he didn't do it to her she owes him her support. Big time. If he did do it to her she needs to step up and say that. Either way. To say nothing proves my point.

She is a worm.