Sunday, July 10, 2016

Billy, Don't Be A Hero


ndspinelli said...

I'm headed to Aridog's funeral. I will convey all your love and sympathies. I've seen in life, events seem to go in streaks; marriages, births, deaths. Yesterday I attended the funeral of a 60 year old woman who died of a virulent lung cancer. She never smoked. She was diagnosed in May and died this week. She was a good friend. Lisa worked w/ my wife as a Federal Probation Officer. She had an abusive, alcoholic, husband that she divorced. After that divorce, Lisa blossomed. Then the Good Lord took her. Life here on earth is not fair. The glory and fairness comes after this journey on earth. Lisa has 2 sons, 20 and 25 years old. Their old man didn't even show for the funeral. They looked lost. I have been praying a lot for them. The living suffer, the departed are w/ God and the suffering is over. I made a tearful promise to God I would make an effort to mentor those boys. We would camp together when all our kids were young. I have a bad back and would always stay @ a nearby motel after the campfire. My daughter and the oldest boy would join me. The look in his and his brother's eyes reinforced what my old man taught me. Just showing up means so much.

After the Mass this morning we are gathering @ Mario's, Aridog's favorite restaurant. It's an old fashioned Midwest Supper Club. The relish tray is the key. If they have a relish tray it's legit. I'll will give a eulogy on all of our behalf. I'll report back.

Synova said...

Thank you, ndspinelli