Sunday, June 12, 2016

Woman uses a marionette of herself to feed the squirrels at the park

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AllenS said...

America's Got Talent.

ndspinelli said...

I'm guessing she has least a dozen.

Chip Ahoy said...


I almost described the short video impulsively.

In the tenth grade schools were switched from Louisiana (where schoolwork was incredibly difficult and the teachers involved) to Colorado (easy/uninvolved) and one of the actually challenging teachers at the new school was a known meanie-pants that gives the rare A. She turned out to be stern and demanding. The subject was China and we would see a lot of films. We would be graded on our reports. She told us what she wanted to see in the reports.

I thought, here it is. Write down everything she says and fulfill that list each time.

Tell us the precise subject covered in the film
Tell us who produced it.
Discuss the technical quality of the film.
Discuss the people, places, events covered in the film
Tell us the conclusion of the film
If documentary, what is the point of view?
Discuss your reaction to the film.

Things like that. And I thought, man, she's making this easy for us. She's telling us what to write. So I did. That's all I did. Listen to her demands and fulfill them. They were easy. A A A A A A all the way through. "A" on everything because she told us all what she expected.

She must have been thinking, holy shit, this kid is actually listened and fulfilled what I told them I wanted to see in their papers. All of it. Right down the line.

And that habit came from a pure bastard in Louisiana who did the same thing. One of the best teachers of the whole lot.

I never did understand why Louisiana is ranked so low in education. Surely their measure is bogus. Their teachers were the best I've experienced except for the school at Camp Drake that served Momote Village. And Colorado by far the easiest.

As far as driving exams go, Colorado dumbed down by 500% since we moved here. Now any straight up rhee-tard can get a license without even studying.

Speaking of ...

The other evening at the store there were few people, but the few people who were there were exceedingly silly, loud and childish. Very childish. Extremely childish. I don't know what the deal was that so many occurred there at once but we sure did have fun.

Methadras said...

I think it's because she can't bend over to feed them and this is the easiest way to do it.

rhhardin said...

The marionette isn't working a marionetteette.