Friday, June 10, 2016

"What do you do when you feel like shit?"

Reddit top comments...
I take my dog for a walk and take in all the greenery. Even though the escapism feeling is temporary, it lets me see my problems as smaller than my mind assumes. It feels very refreshing to abandon my worries for half an hour or so.
Clean. Clean everything. You get a workout that gets the negative feelings out and get quick results (the clean house).
Find a recipe online, go out and buy the ingredients and try to replicate it.
Or sit in a chair in my underpants and weep while clutching an empty can of PBR. One or the other, I'm not picky.
Drive out and explore new areas while listening to my favorite tunes. Always gets the mind going and you get to see new things you haven't seen in your routine life.
I call up a friend and eat. I don't even really have to talk about it. The food doesn't have to be particularly good either. It's just nice to have some company and eat together.
One of the best small joys in life, in my opinion.
  1. Hungry? Have you eaten?
  2. Dehydrated? Have you had something to drink?
  3. Showered?
  4. Are you dressed?
  5. Had some exercise?
  6. Seen any sunlight?
  7. Spoken to anyone?
  8. Listened to any music?
  9. Stressed?
  10. Is there anything you are missing?


ndspinelli said...

I walk. Sometimes pain and the fatigue that is its ugly cousin says to me, "Fuck it, don't walk." I say, "Fuck you" and walk. I learned I never regret exercising, but almost always regret not exercising.

Lem said...

I heard this morning that scrawling thru your phone pics is a quick picker upper.

ndspinelli said...

Reading about the PR bailout the traitor Paul Ryan and Pelosi conspired on makes me really feel like shit. This is not so much about PR as it is about upcoming bankruptcies in Dem strongholds like Detroit, Chicago, Newark..the list goes on. It's also about making PR the 50th state, and it will be dark blue. I've been to PR. Love the people, but they live like there's no tomorrow. They need tough love, not enabling.

ndspinelli said...

That would be the 51st state. LOL!

Sydney said...

Eat cookies.

Rabel said...

"I heard this morning that scrawling thru your phone pics is a quick picker upper."

I heard that tootin' a couple of lines of meth off the screen works too. I'm more into distilled spirits myself.