Friday, June 10, 2016

Life Imitates Art......Again

It is very interesting to see how the ultra liberal Hollywood writers and producers portray Law Enforcement. They love to write cop shows and steal from actual incidents to cover their abysmal lack of creativity. The Law and Order douchebag made a franchise out of it. Several franchises as a matter of fact.

What they love to do is to portray all law enforcement as corrupt or brutal or racist or all three. They set up revenge fanatasy plots where brutal corrupt cops like Sgt Voight on Chicago PD or Steve McGarret and Danno on Hawaii Five O just take suspects in and brutalize and beat confessions and information of them. To the point that they have murdered people and got away with it. That is how liberal Hollywood views the Police.

One of the worst offenders in this regard was "The Shield" was overseen by Shawyn Ryan and Kurt Sutter. Ryan went on to do "The Chicago Code" and "Lie to Me." Sutter is the mook behind the biker show "Sons of Anarchy." "The Shield" was a story about a brutally corrupt cop task force. They murdered people. Including each other. They stole. Fabricated evidence. Brutalized and murdered suspects. Raped and pillaged. And they were the heroes. It was a highly praised series at the time.

They had a couple of characters that were supposed to be beacons of respectability and justice. Mostly minorities of course. I mean all the white guys were monsters. There was a black lady detective and the Hispanic captain. And a Christian pious patrolman who was ready to testify against them. Of course he was conflicted as he was a homo and didn't want to admit. He couldn't just be a religious guy. Then the Hispanic Captain  was held at gun point and forced to blow a gang banger. These Hollywood douches love their gay shit.

The point is the show was a cesspool of degradation. Michael Jace played the pious patrolman who tried to live a religious life and be an honest dedicated policeman despite his love of the sausage. Well it was even worse for him in real life.

He just got convicted of murdering his wife and is going to do 40 years in jail. Unless of course Obama pardons him which is very possible. He will be emptying the jails as a going away gift and this guy might very well be one of the ones who gets to walk.

Life imitating art? Just desserts? Inevitable? Cultural? Who can say? Not me. Just interesting. Doncha think?

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BTW the old Five-O, with Jack Lord and Jimmy MacArthur, was nothing like the new one. Needless to say, a lot better.