Sunday, April 17, 2016

If Star Dates were Like J Dates

"Why thank you Mr. Checkov. What a nice gift for a first date. What is it?"
"It is a custom in my country. Since you are the most beautiful woman on this wessal I gift you with my shaved pubic hair. You can weave into a hat. We do it all the time at home. It is very varm."
"Why I never got any such gift of hair before. I mean I got some from Gene Roddenberry but I had to spit them out one at a time. Thank you very much."
"You vare velcome my nubian princess."


AprilApple said...

Hey Troop - you know what tonight is... Call the midwife and more on PBS.

I've been watching "A place to call home" on Acorn media ( via Amazon Prime)
Acorn media is only an extra 5$ bucks a month, and you gain access to all sorts of British TV. "A place to call home" is set in Australia, with Australian actors. (lots of eye candy for everyone)

It starts a bit slow, but as the episodes unfold, the plot thickens with all sorts of twists. Sex, teh gay, shocking post-war controversy, family manipulations, and keeping up appearances in a small town outside of Sydney. I'm hooked. It's a bit like a soap opera, but I still recommend.

Trooper York said...

I have been watching this new Netflicks show called "Love" which is made by that Jud Apatow guy who makes all the movies with the nerdy guy who gets the girl. It is a real insight into the dating scene at least according to some of the young whippersnappers who come into the store.

Tonight you have three great shows in a row. "Call the Midwife." "Grantchester." "Mr. Selfridge."

Also Hallmark has the premiere of "The Good Witch" with one of my favorite babes Catherine Bell of JAG fame.

It will a busy TV night. Luckily with DVR we can hold some off until tomorrow.

AprilApple said...

"Love" - I'll look into it. Thanks.
If you can find "Detectorists" anywhere, I highly recommend. Best thing in ages.
It's now on PBS- but on late, and I'm not sure what night.

Trooper York said...

I don't know if you would like "Love." It is kind of weird. It is one of those shows where the star writes it. The skinny nerdy guy who stars produced and wrote it and that effects it.

I would recommend instead "Catastrophe" which now has two seasons on Amazon Prime. It is far superior.

But you can check out "Love" and binge watch it.

I also really recommend "The Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt" on Netflicks. I know a couple of people who work on it and it is really cool and funny. If too liberal but whattayagonnado.

AprilApple said...

If you like, I might like it.

Weird is good. Not always. Too many of these shows are trying to hard to be weird, which tends annoying.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.