Thursday, September 12, 2019

Emmy makes pizza balloon

N to the no. 

H to the hail no. 

Too small. Too little cheese. Too meager of toppings. Too much crust. No point in doing this except for novelty.

She put her pizza in the oven on a rack 3/4 up. When I saw that I thought it was too high. The oven is hotter at top. That upper rack really Fs up my crackers. That put the top of her dome at the very top of her oven. 

Had she lowered the rack then her dome would bake evenly and the crust would bake evenly too.

But this whole thing is ridiculous. 

I ordered the largest pizza that Denver Pizza Company makes to deliver to the kids who cut my hair.

The kids asked me if I wanted a slice. I said no thank you but I asked them to show me the pizza.

This place makes the best pizzas around. They do have special techniques and they do use great ingredients. 

But I was disappointed in what I saw and I abandoned ordering this type from them.

To duplicate what I make at home each element was extra onto a plain cheese pizza. I was disappointed how sparse each element. 

Compared with the ones that I make for myself, theirs doesn't even come close. 

I'd have to quadruple each element of their pizzas to match my own pizzas. 

I can't even express how disappointed I was. I wanted the kids to enjoy what I enjoy and that means a lot of bacon, a lot of cheese, a lot of jalapeño and lot of fresh pineapple. One half of a fresh pineapple, not a few shreds of tinned pineapple. That makes a HUGE difference. 

So since then I've been buying them something else. Something that the pizza place specializes in. 

I copied their techniques. They should copy my abundance. And their freshness should extend to pineapple, and their greatness of elements should extend to their bacon. But they don't. So uckfay that type of pizza from them and we'll stick with the thing that they know.

I'd make a pizza for the kids myself but I cannot effectively carry it over there. Even though they're close. I'd do that just so they can see the pizza that I make for myself. To open the world of possibility for them. 

I want that so much that I'm very close to inviting them over here to teach them how to do it. 

The problem with that is logistics. They're always busy. They're always working. 

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