Saturday, September 14, 2019

William Jacobson, Kamala Harris' campaign should have ended at the Democrat Debate

Jacobson believes Harris has proved there is no there, there and that the Democrat debates are the best thing that ever happened to Donald Trump. (That's arguable, but whatever. Point taken.)

The two contenders, Bernie and Warren, cemented their primary policy of taking away private insurance from 150 million people while the other lesser contenders called them out on that.

Bernie and Warren are interchangeable. Warren's answer to everything is big evil corporations.

Spartacus gave a good performance but not good enough to lift him. Yang had a cute idea of ofering 10 viewers $1,000 if they would go to his website. Castro implied Biden is senile. Beto's got a bug up his butt about AR-15 rifles.

Biden didn't drool so appeared normal. (Jacobson doesn't mention Biden had trouble with his dentures)

Kamala Harris' performance was an embarrassment of canned one and two liners bashing Trump and anecdotes about people she's met. She compared Trump to the Wizard of Oz. Jacobson posts a video and Tweets.

When Biden pointed out the Constitution prevents Harris from many of her intended executive orders, she dismissed him by saying she'd do them anyway.

Jacobson corrects his earlier assessment of Harris' depth of knowledge being an inch deep. Now he believes it's actually half an inch deep.

La la la. I don't care.

I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. I don't care.

*sticks fingers in ears, * "I can't h-e-a-r- you."

* sticks out tongue, rolls eyes around in circles.*

They're all losers. They are irrelevant. Jacobson is talking about irrelevancies. This is all background noise.

I chose this post because it has the most comments over at Legal Insurrection.

The comments to this are not the usual erudite quality because there is nothing of value to expand upon, except the meager depths and breadth of Harris' knowledge.

The post with the second highest number of responses at Legal Insurrection is by Stacey Matthews saying it's time for Beto to drop out of the Race.  See? They're similar.

Lots of words and video.

Comments on this one are a lot better quality. They're talking about guns and ammunition, wounds, tactics, and history. Man, these guys are great.

alaskabob :
A British officer… Bertie-Clay at the Dum Dum Arsenal in India modified the bullet to have an exposed lead tip (now modern day hunting ammo) which expanded on hitting the enemy.. better wounding, better shock and as such better performance in stopping the enemy. 
With the Hague requirements, Britain changed to the Mark VII round with a spitzer (pointed) bullet.. just stable in flight but unstable when hitting flesh and tumbled creating a larger wound channel than a stable bullet. 
Actually the 223 round with varmint style bullet is great for home defense as it breaks up easily in plaster wall and doesn’t over-penetrate as handgun bullets can such as 9mm. The AK round 7.62×39 is an overgrown pistol round per se without the hydrodynamic characteristics of a bullet at 3000 fps. 
The 223 is just a good varmint class cartridge and no where near the oomph of a main battle rifle cartridge.


edutcher said...

Think you mean Jacobson, not Williamson, but Chlamydia is vindicating Willie Brown's prediction that she hasn't got the chops.

Chip Ahoy said...

Thanks. I got mixed up. Fixed in all million places.

chickelit said...

So when will Willie Brown's other protégé -- the white guy with the greasy forelock -- take the stage?

BleachBit-and-Hammers said...

What's the name of the government welfare program for health insurance in CA? Cal-Care or something?

They lose 38 billion a year in fraud.

But if an actual insurance company makes a profit - Warren and Bernie, who are yes indeed the same person - call that bad.

Rabel said...

Jacobson's on the verge of ruining his website with his quest for cash for his new "Foundation."

He recently began forcing his readers to turn off adblocker and then rewards them with flashing images of gutworms and the like taking up a third of the page. It becomes unreadable.

ricpic said...

Kamala Harris is a totally vicious bitch. Who knows maybe that's what our population wants now?

edutcher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
edutcher said...

Chlamydia looks like she'll be joining Pancho Vanilla in the I coulda had class, I coulda been a contenduh club.

After her first tirade against Gropin' Joe, her debate performance has been dull and the big money people are walking away.

There was a point where the Eminent Mr Surber said she and Spartacus were running for Veep since neither scored with blacks at all, but it looks like neither will be the comedy sidekick this time.