Thursday, September 26, 2019

Well, well, wonders never cease

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters that House Democrats had discussed passing Trump's trade deal with Mexico and Canada.
We're moving ahead on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement. We're again hoping to be on a continuing path to 'yes.' 
They had been on a continuing path to delay agreement until after the U.S. election with the hope that Trump will be defeated and then Canada and the U.S. could trash Trump's signature agreement and persist in their ways of handing global economic dominance to China.

Okay, Jesus I will.

Here goes.

* It means they realize, as we realize, that Trump will not be defeated. 

* Pelosi sees the future well as everyone else does and she's currying favor with Trump.

* The Justin Trudeau / Nancy Pelosi delay-tactic was holding until Justin smeared dark shoe polish all over his face and pretended to be ... something. 

* Nancy will take credit for getting it passed.

* Pelosi is trying her best to get her rowdiest most socialist portion to behave with the "inquiry."

* She's trying to help Trudeau win.

* She's trying to have at least some kind of accomplishment. Because so far her party has been worse than useless. 

* Trudeau's opposition has recently pulled even. He needs help with some tangible accomplishment.

* Because Trump wins either way. If this agreement fails then the situation reverts to pre-NAFTA situation. And for the U.S., no-NAFTA is better than NAFTA and better than no-USMCA. 

*  USMCA gives the Dems a chance at holding the House.

* Pelosi's corporate masters do not like the idea of no-NAFTA without USMCA

* They're moving forward to counter accusations that the House isn't doing anything.

* Democrats are aware that impeachment is not wanted by the general electorate and that combined with no USMCA spells doom for their party. 

* After the Ukraine fiasco, Pelosi is desperate for something that makes Democrat look at least normal with United States interests at heart.

Jesus, is that cynical enough?

     Yeah, sure. Politics really isn't my bag. Miracles are. 

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edutcher said...

At this point, nothing can save the Demos, but points for trying.

PS Don't worry, we've got 13 months and the Demos will have plenty of time to screw things up.