Thursday, September 26, 2019

Bon Appétit; upgraded Hot Pocket

This is a long video, forty-five minutes, and very goofy. If you choose to watch it, nothing is missed by skipping through.

Apparently all employees at Bon Appetit are hipsters. Clogs, painted nails, etc.

A friend of mine is Hare Krishna but without the saffron robe and he's always hooked up with goth women. His previous girlfriend had long black hair with a single silver streak. I referred to her as Morticia and the guy cracked up laughing and whenever he spoke of her thereafter he used Morticia instead of her real name. How delightful to not be offended and just go with the thing that is funny. 

And then his third girlfriend is the exact same thing. This third one is a very good artist. She doesn't like me. I don't have any tattoos. There is nothing sufficiently weird about my visage. I'm too ordinary to interest her.

Morticias all over the place. Except Morticia doesn't have a gray steak. That's bride of Frankenstein. It takes some poetic license for the joke to work.

I don't know why they never say the word "calzone."

It just shows how you can make them a lot better with natural top ingredients and none of the chemicals that make Hot Pockets marvels of science.

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ricpic said...

Limited Weird

When weirds don't like normals for being insufficiently weird
It shows lack of imagination for how weirdly ALL are geared.