Monday, June 13, 2016

Trump commits truth.....expect a frenzy of denunciations soon!

Trump blames Obama’s refusal to name ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ for attacks

POSTED AT 12:01 PM ON JUNE 13, 2016 BY ED MORRISSEY captain cuckservative

Donald Trump has spent the past 24 hours giving vent to the frustration of millions of Americans over a very specific type of political correctness, and he’s only upping the ante today. Trump reacted in anger yesterday when Barack Obama’s statement on the terrorist attack in Orlando omitted what seems more and more obvious — that the attack was motivated by radical Islam. Trump slammed Obama in multiple interviews today for refusing to name the motivation behind the attacks, suggesting that the president “resign in disgrace” and that his actions will result in even more attacks.

“[Obama] doesn’t get it, or he gets it better than anybody understands,” Trump said of the president’s response to the nightclub shooting. “It’s one or the other. And either one is unacceptable.”

Eh, Trump’s not usually that subtle in his attacks. When Trump launches those kinds of attacks, he launches them directly and without any room for misunderstanding, for better or worse. When Trump accused George W. Bush of lying about Iraq to get us into a war for oil and of selling the US out to the Saudis, I suspect many of the same people clutching pearls over this vague rhetorical construct were cheering loudly from the sidelines. That applies to Trump’s birther attacks four years ago, too — Trump didn’t pussyfoot around the point, but made the accusation explicit. If these critics wait long enough, perhaps Trump will say exactly what they accuse him of implying, so they’re better off waiting for it.

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edutcher said...

Pissy couldn't wait to go after Trump on the campaign trail. I doubt he expected Trump to come after him.

This isn't the way white people are supposed to treat Black Narcissus.

Methadras said...

Fuck Obama. I hope that half-white muslim sympathizing piece of shit traitor gets his one day. I hope Trump buries that chicken-headed ballets black closeted muslim fag under a pile of the dead bodies he unintentionally got killed for the religion of peace he's defended and has done NOTHING to stop them other than blame the NRA and law abiding citizens for it.