Sunday, June 12, 2016

spontaneous crowd in red

They appeared to be environmentalist at first, at least their vehicle appears so.

Joke. That's not their car.

Some socks have "boobies" woven into them, others have "666." Men are crossdressed as women, others have Mardi Gras beads. 

This took place outside in the back as I was making dinner. It appears to be a 'party and be gay for breast cancer awareness' but I do not know.


chickelit said...

They all look like RedState anti-Trumpers.
I'm so angwy.
Rice bowls.

AllenS said...

Nice neighborhood.

ndspinelli said...

They don't look like Badger fans.

Chip Ahoy said...

I know what. Apres party outside while the iron is still hot and all still in costume.

They're part of a much larger thing. They do this run around the neighborhood each year. They are men and women and liberals and gays and feminists and married people and socially responsible people who like to express that through fun. They are hodgepodge and the subject is most likely breast cancer with red and pink dresses replacing in a big way the symbolic pink ribbon symbolizing unity.

The kilt guy said, "Alright, I'll wear a red dress for your cause but it will be a masculine kilt" And they said, "Fine with us how you express your gayness publicly I meant to say solidarity just now because why else would you even have such a thing as a male dress I meant to say, good purchase."

And over time it developed they do have great fun together with like-minded kindred spirits of various stripes, much like Pee-wee Herman's friends, and they wanted to prolong the experience but public drinking is verboten so one of them goes, "Hey! I got an idea. I'll buy a keg and load it onto the truck (He's quite proud of his truck and like people climbing all over it) and park it nearby where the parade/race/whatever ends and we go to the parking lot and continue our after party together there. Because that will be PRIVATE property" And they all went, "Brillo!" And, "Cor!" And, "Hoopla!" for they make strange sounds when they're cheered. And they all agreed for they are agreeable lot, except Hank the bastard who won't wear a dress and who didn't show up for their apres party.