Sunday, July 10, 2016

sunset, moonset, time lapse, July 9th, 2016

I looked out and saw gold, ew, ew, set the thing up, just in time. There is one frame of deep color near the start apart from the rest that is genuinely remarkable.

I notice a big difference each day when the moon appears later and later at night in rather large chunks, and drops through my area of viewing more to the south  each day in rather large increments. Within days it will move out of my area of view completely. Maybe even before it becomes full.

The moon is partial and the image is false that way. The sensor collects more light than it should and it bleeds to neighboring sensors making it appear full.

The battery had 2 bars remaining and I could switch it out anytime but then fell asleep so the moon did not complete setting. It looked odd just stopping that way near the bottom and I felt some urgency to fix it to force the moon to make sense.

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ndspinelli said...

Chip and Lem, I got a tearful thank you from Aridog's daughter, Kim, this morning. She and his girlfriend, Judith, planned a very nice funeral. Kim said she found so much comfort reading her dad's words that you worked so hard digging out of the archives. Darren Smith @ Turley's blog did the same.

The pastor @ St. Cunegunda, Father Zbigniew, did a great job. The Padre spoke about how he and Dick were friends for 20 years. They seldom spoke of God. They talked about history, the military, current events, etc. The pastor seems like a man's man. He said 5 years ago, out of the blue, Ari said he wanted to become a Catholic. Father Z baptized and confirmed him. Father Z spoke about how much Ari loved the Children's Mass and how many of the kids knew him. Father Z brought all the kids up to the altar and had them sit on the floor, looking @ a photo of Ari as he spoke from his heart about his friend. Virtually all the kids are Mexican. Mexicans are keeping many Catholic parishes alive. Father Z is my kind of priest. Too many clerics are aloof. Father Z walks around the church as he talks. He loves to shake hands and is an engaging man. A co-worker of Ari's from the Army Core of Engineers talked about how Ari was always looking out for the taxpayer's money. None of us would be surprised by that. Richard wanted bagpipes and they had a great piper playing before and after the service. Father Z has a thick Polish accent and w/ poor acoustics was hard to make out. There is a prominent painting of Pope John Paul displayed. I felt like I was back in the Polish neighborhoods on the NW side of Chicago.

The church is in a poor neighborhood. The crowd was a mix of white, black, Muslim and Mexican. As this country gravitates toward the opulent megachurches, I pray parishes like this survive. I gave Judith and Kim a card from all of us. Kim is struggling. Please keep her in your prayers.