Thursday, September 5, 2019

Opioid announce by President Trump and press conference

This is a 40 minute video of President Trump awarding 1.8 billion dollars to fight opioid abuse. Trump mentions reforming the way kidney disease is treated and ending the HIV epidemic, reducing drug prices, and doing things that previous administrations did not do. The money will be (re)distributed to all 50 states through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

* 9 billion will have been awarded by the end of September
[That's a lot of money being collected and redistributed. Imagine what would have happened had that 9 billion been kept in the states for them to address the problem as they see fit.]
* Passed  CRIB Act that allows Medicaid to help mothers and their babies born dependent on opioids.
* Launched nationwide ad campaign that has already reached nearly 60% of young adults
* Prioritized stopping the influx of fentanyl from China.
* Mexico had record catch of fentanyl from China.
* Mexico has 26,000 troop on our border. [illegal immigration] is down 50% from last year. Democrats should be so helpful.
* Stepped up enforcement, seized 21,000+ kilograms of heroin and 8,000 kilograms of fentanyl.
* Dismantled 3,000 drug trafficking organizations
* First nationwide decline in drug overdose deaths in nearly 3 decades

Secretary Azar:
* $932 million to Substance Abuse andMental health Services Administration.
* Releasing first round of 900 million in grants from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
* CDC dramatically sped up reporting.
* Increased medication-assisted treatment 38%.

Okay, help a brother out.

They switch expressions for the percentage. We have 3 different types of expressions. (%, decimal, and zeros) Now I'm cross. Could these assholes please stick with one expression so we can check their f'k'n work? I suppose we're expected to be facile.

1,270,000 - 921,000 = 349,000

349,000 / 921,000 = .3789.

I think.

This would be easier if they'd quit switching things around all over the place, Mr. Asshole Mathematics. O-o-o-h, strings of 0s and % and decimal points all in one sentence. It's like switching between hieroglyphics and demotic within sentences. It can be done, yes, but why be so inconsistent?  It's mental.

* improved access to overdose-reversing drugs for first responders by improving waivers to help unlock treatment for people in need. Improved waivers for 21 states.

Assistant Secretary Giroir.
* Improved treatment for children born to dependent mothers.
* Some crap about holding your breath for 10 minutes = addiction to drugs.
* Deaths down 5%. Battle just started, keep giving us money.

Assistant Secretary McCance-Katz.
* I'm proud.

Director Redfield.
* 0

President Trump.
* Looking for a painkiller that's not addictive.

The Press doesn't have any questions about this opioid announcement. Rather, as usual, their questions are about everything other than the subject at hand. Trump had just given a presser about the hurricane that hit the Bahamas full force and crept to Florida greatly reduced with a northeast projection. So naturally, their questions begin there. How President Trump keeps his patience with these people is beyond my comprehension.

Q: Will you use department of Defense?
     T: Coast Guard.
Q: Size of military response?
     T: Big
Q: Clearing runways/
     T: Yes
Q: You showed us a map.
     T: Yes.
Q: The map included Alabama.
     T: Garbled response
Q: Alabama!
     T: They originally thought the projection included Alabama, you f'k'n idiot.
Q: The map looked like it had a sharpie.

I cannot listen to these people anymore. I have no real idea what they asked after this. I heard only White House press mumbling. They're worse than worthless. Listen to them yourselves if you care to.

Q: Wallmart ammo. Odessa and El Paso and Dayton, guns guns guns, what do you say about guns? Background checks, loopholes, would you support? Gun, gunny gun guns, NRA, Trump property in Ireland, Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Afghanistan, China, China, China.
    T: Thank you and piss off little dopes.

And the whole time I'm thinking, "Wow, that's a nicer clock on the mantle than the one I got for my 5 year anniversary. It's a sweet trinket but those AA batteries are a pain in the butt." 

I have a pop-up book about birds that makes the bird sounds. It takes AAA batteries that must be switched out. It's one of the best books ever. Even without sound. I bought a bunch of little batteries today that promise a life of 10 years. We'll see. 


edutcher said...

Just be glad we don't use commas like the Euros.

And the % is just shorthand. Period and zero is for computation.

Chip Ahoy said...

1.27 million.

That .27 means 27/100

1 million + 27/100 million.

So I'm inclined to interpret it 1,027,000

But I instinctively write 1,270, 000

And that's a big f'k'n difference of 143,000.