Saturday, January 12, 2019

The top 3 most beautiful things

Tristan Newcomb, Never Got Famous. Not that many YouTube videos, but each one is gold.

I believe that you are better prepared to understand this comedy than the British who wrote they do not understand it. They, who presume they comprehend satire and also state flatly and repeatedly that Americans do not. "Americans don't understand satire" is axiomatic among British.

F.U. You not being funny is not the same thing as us not understanding ridiculously low-level satire based on miscomprehension. 

They have it backwards. Their comedy is stupid bullshit, and Monty Python proves my point. Their so-called satire is adults acting ridiculous and that being funny; Ministry of Silly Walks, Dead Parrot, Taunting from Castle, Attack of the Killer Rabbit for examples, not one them is actually funny. Their political satire is even worse, all informed by the songs of the Borg, the hum of the hive, the soothing sounds pervading their sleep providing the material of their dreams and their awakened imaginings. It's oxymoronic socialist humor. It's dull and childish and surface and 100% wrong. And for those severe limitations they couldn't satire their way out of a paper bag. Their best material is absent so they use what they've been spoon-fed; pap prepared for infants. And homogenized mush is not funny.

But Newcomb is American genius. 

He is positively unrelenting. His character is drawn out from reality and extended to psychosis such that it could even be real. You're not even certain that you're being put on, it's that dry.

We hear it's not funny when it must be explained, but let's explain anyway.

Just in case you are British.

The top 3 most beautiful things are not the most beautiful things to most people. These 3 things are top beautiful only to a particularly specific mind. A singular mind. And running along an incredibly narrow track. Only one person. It's a list for one single person.

And you were expecting something actually beautiful.

And that's hilarious when presented as if it would be general as the key frame misleads us with kittens and flowers.

Come on! The character this man has developed is real psychoses surviving in the real world, in American society, misperceiving everything yet based in that reality. Getting hung up and strung out on tidbits, as we do. A bit frightening when portions overlap your own thoughts. His thought-character is made hilariously solid. His thought-struggles are real!


ricpic said...

This guy is so far off. The most beautiful thing in the world is going to your sock drawer and putting on a pair of ankle socks - soft, white and absorbent - after you've taken a hot shower after you've come in from the cold chilled to the bone. Nirvana

MamaM said...

I've several pairs of colored fuzzy sox in my drawer that barely qualify as socks--more like inexpensive tubes of loosely knitted soft fuzz not suitable for wearing with shoes. They do, however, knock white sox out of the park or at least put them in second place when it comes to the feeling of heaven on earth when put on over cold ankles.

The video made me laugh. I enjoyed the setup and delivery, along with ChipA's setup and analysis, and the subsequent prose it prompted.