Tuesday, January 15, 2019

I should not read the news headlines

The Marie Kondo effect: Charities beg kind-hearted people to stop dumping belongings into clothes bins as Netflix series causes donations spike.

There you have it. I spent the day going through papers and now I learn I am doing these things out of order - clothes first! Then books (30 max!) then papers. I am so fired. 

Speaking of fire, I burned up a bunch of old papers today - tax info from 20 years ago, bank statements, all that old crap you are supposed to keep, but you know what, there comes a time to let all that stuff go. Go wild, rip tags off of mattresses! Go ahead, you know you want to.

I also worked on cleaning up the shop - that is a task that will never be finished, but it's good to work on it when possible. Sawed out a white oak blank for a small bowl and a white pine blank for a huge bowl. With luck, tomorrow I shall turn them. I burned the cut off scraps this evening. What a lovely fire they made.

Heck, now that you mention it:

I was thinking about this song while watching the Netflix show "Blood on the Mountain" which is about West By-God Virginia. Not a cheerful story, just saying. I had no idea that silicosis killed one so rapidly. I am thankful that I have never had to be a miner. 


chickelit said...

With luck, tomorrow I shall turn them.

Turn! Turn! Turn!

The Dude said...

The Byrds! Shall I go with the Tippi Hedren riff or dwell upon Suzanne Pleshette? Nah, I shall recall good times in Bodega Bay and be thankful I don't listen to the Byrds.

windbag said...

Never cared for John Coltrane. A friend described his music as someone stepping on a goose. Yes!! That's it!! The banks around town offer document shredding a couple of times a year. It's a nice perk. Just drop off this year's box of stuff that needs to disappear and it's gone in a flash.

John Galt edited that video by John Prine. Who is John Galt?

I may have to watch "Blood on the Mountain." It sounds interesting. Take Me Home, featuring my favorite musician (Anders Osborne).

The Dude said...

Be warned that Blood on the Mountain is not an upbeat movie. It might make you thankful that your portion of the mountains does not lie on top of a coal seam.

ricpic said...

Like Wild, Man, Like Free

Throw out everything!..is an impulse I often have...
Head out on the highway with nothing left to crave.