Friday, December 7, 2018

purse snatcher, Brazil

Some people can act without thinking, perform to an extreme without processing. I'm too ponderous.

A similar thing happened at Home Depot. I was in line at the checkout at the far end where the boards are when we all heard commotion behind us. Near closing, the wide doors were opened. A thief was running out the door. Right past me. All I had to do was stick out my leg and trip him before he made it out the door into the parking lot. But I could not process the ramifications that quickly so I didn't do anything and the guy escaped. And I've never forgiven myself for being so slow and so thick.

But these two guys don't care about ramifications. Notice one guy kicks high and the other kicks low and they both hit their mark.

I wish I could be like this. I could use a cane and chop him across his throat. Those canes are hard and heavy.

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