Thursday, December 27, 2018

Trump, the best president I didn't vote for

David Catron writing for the American Spectator.

Skip the first paragraph. It's boring. Catron's mental path that led him away from voting for Trump.

And then, a series of paragraphs so exquisite it's worth committing to memory. Here's an outline. Useful when confronting dummkopf received emotional wisdom with stark naked fact.

* Only 2 years in office
  ** unprecedented and relentless resistance
    *** from Democrats
    *** from Media
    *** Mueller investigation
* accomplished more than many presidents did in 2 terms.

* made measurable progress on all of his goals against coordinated resistance from all areas including his own party, from all establishment concerns.

* the economy
  ** despite FRB meddling
  ** GDP growth at 3.4%
  ** unemployment 3.7%, lowest since 1969
  ** tax cuts maligned by Democrats and media
  ** workers are clearly sharing in the tax-cut windfall
  ** not just through tax-cut bonuses and lower withholdings
  ** through increased opportunities and wage growth
  ** hourly wages rising at 3.1% fastest since 1999
  ** lowest unemployment of minority groups than any time on record
  ** median household income at its hightest
  ** job opportunities 4 million created
  ** 10% in manufacturing sector that Democrats abandoned
  ** opportunities for minorities ostensibly represented by Democrats
  ** female and youth unemployment at lowest point in 50 years

Lies that Pelosi insists upon.
From day one, the White House and Republicans in Congress have sold out working and middle class families to further enrich the wealthy and big corporations shipping jobs overseas.… At the same time, the President’s reckless policies are exploding gas prices, wiping out the few meager gains that some families should have received from the GOP tax scam, as wages remain stagnant.… Democrats will never stop fighting for the hard-working middle class families.
  ** gas prices lowest level in 6 years, averaging just under $2.00 gallon.
  ** Democrats lie about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act unable to admit its $5.5 trillion in gross cuts eased the tax burden on families.
  ** misled voters about its dramatic increase in the standard deduction for individuals and families.
  ** cannot admit it doubled the child tax credit.
  ** cannot admit 85% of workers saw paychecks increase, and entrepreneurs can now deduct 20% of their business income.

* Democrats cannot tell the truth about Trump's efforts to free Americans from Obamacare
  ** by expanding short-term, limited duration health plans
  ** and enabling more small businesses to join Association Health Plans
  ** repeal of "death panel" Independent Payment Advisory Board for rationing essential healthcare to the elderly.
  ** repeal of individual insurance mandate
  ** by eliminating the law's "tax-penalty" for failing to purchase overpriced health plans.

* Reforming the federal judiciary by appointing judges that follow the Constitution.
  ** nominated two Supreme Court Justices.
  ** nominated and Senate confirmed 83 federal judges for Courts of Appeals and District Courts.
  ** may well appoint a 3rd justice to the Supreme court.

* Energy initiatives like the approval of Keystone XL Pipeline that opened the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to exploration
  ** withdrew from economically unsustainable Paris climate agreement
  ** reformed National Ambient Air Quality Standards
  ** rescinded Obamas deliberately cumbersome hydraulic fracturing rule
  ** expansion of offshore drilling
  ** defanged disastrous Dodd-Frank "reform" legislation that strangled
     *** credit unions
     *** community banks
     *** regional financial institutions

* foreign policy and defense.
  ** moved Israel Embassy to Jerusalem
  ** withdrew from outrageous Iran deal
  ** re-imposed nuclear-related sanctions
  ** initiated historic summit with North Korea with aim to denuclearize Korean peninsula
  ** changed rules of engagement with ISIS resulting in the liberation of nearly all Iraqi territory.
  ** dramatically increased military funding to more than $700 billion for 2018

* Criminal Justice Reform, that several administrations devoted lip service. Had Obama passed criminal justice reform, he'd be hailed as hero by media, black leaders, black community and ACLU, but Trump did it, so, crickets. Instead Democrats, media, and Robert Mueller want to take down Trump precisely because he's been so successful.

[Eh, not really. Mueller is covering for FBI DOJ malfeasance, they're attempting to protect their agency's reputation, so grievously damaged, and spare their agencies rightful reform]


edutcher said...

The hardest working man in show business.

Or politics.

(I'm sure James Brown would smile)

ricpic said...

The best thing far and away, IMO, is that he's breaking away from the neocon orthodoxy that has bled the country - literally - for decades.

AllenS said...

A bigly list of winning.