Sunday, December 23, 2018

Big Brother can go F#ck Himself

So the wife decides that since the Echo dot is so cheap we are going to put it all over the house. It is only about thirty bucks so we got a couple. It is basicly the Alexa function that plays music and gives reminders and does all kind of shit. Which means that the government is taping and recording everything I do. Who gives a shit? They already do that. Do you notice that if you look at one thing online you get ads for that in every feed you have. Computer. I phone. I pad. Big brother is already here. So why not relax and enjoy it like Tex Antione said.

I like to go into a room and just say "Alexa play Christmas music." 

I know I am already on all of their lists so it just doesn't matter anymore.


Lem said...

Hi Troops. Merry Christmas.

ricpic said...

Does Alexa give reminders when all you really want is to be left alone? Stop the world and all that....

Merry Christmas to All.