Friday, December 28, 2018

Water logged

After a day of heavy rains it is now official, over at the airport in Capital City more rain has fallen this year than any other year on record. As of noon today 59.22 inches of, as they put it, precipitation has fallen this year. My yard is flooded and soggy as all get out. My burn pile is now in a puddle of standing water. At least I didn't have to shovel today's rain.

That's yesterday's sunrise. We have been socked in ever since. 

This is my cat.

While out walking my dog the other day I found that object of his curiosity. When I got home I set that odd plastic artifact on the table and my 18 year old cat immediately reverted to kittenhood and batted it onto the floor. He had no idea what it was, but onto the floor it went. I am with him on this.


chickelit said...

Here, it's 48 degrees outside. We haven't turned the heat on yet this fall, but the ol' slab is starting to keep the place below 65 at night downstairs, so we turned on the gas fireplace. It's always 5-10 degrees warmer upstairs.

We had some decent rain three weeks ago -- more fuel for future fires.

Come January, I'm going to severally trim the roses and plant some tulip bulbs.

chickelit said...

Beautiful piece you linked, Sixty. I let it play through and this popped up next.

The art and music perfectly capture rain, nes-pah?

chickelit said...
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chickelit said...

It's sad to think of a place as beautiful and historic as Paris rotting away because of lack of French people. But that's what's happening.

AllenS said...

A couple of days ago, we had about 3 inches of heavy snow, then rain with around 40º temps. It is now 6º. You can imagine what our backyards and driveways look like.

Sixty Grit said...

I don't envy that situation, AllenS - it is still above freezing here and I am okay with that.

CL, this is what popped up next for me. Ah, Mozart.