Thursday, March 22, 2018

Trump speaks

I never imagined a president this transparent. We've certainly had presidents that spoke this much blabbidy blab blab every single day and not say anything interesting or useful, nothing that wasn't combed over and groomed by committee, nothing that wasn't protected, but never a president who said so much with so little. It's close to how drunk people speak without filters. And I like it a lot. It's as if he speaking directly to me. He isn't, of course, he's speaking to the world. And the world doesn't like it at all.

Why would they want him to stop?

Get a load of this.


AllenS said...

Winning words.

edutcher said...

This is how he get his message out.

XRay said...

I think I most appreciate the 'common sense(nes)' of it all.

ricpic said...

VETO the monstrosity, Donald!