Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Sixto Sense

 "I have won the prize." "It is not for my blog." "I gave it to the fat Irish man. It is his white privilege."

"So they gave me the plug. Not the plug for the butt like the one they gave that maricon fudge packer Aaron Rodgers. It is the plug for the spark."

"I see car people."


MamaM said...

Speaking of Spark plugs, Chip Ahoy's brother Jim posted a response over at the Wot I Ate blog, with a memorial date.

Sixty Grit said...

This is what he wrote:

"Hello this is Jim, I'm "Chip's" younger brother, actually "Bo" as we call him And he was an amazing soul, his abilities and talents were fascinating and amazing. I'm the guy with 2 young sons that he love very much and inspired very much.

I think anyone that knew Bo or read his posts would be remarked and inspired. Thank you God very much for my brother Bo, and all the incredible inspiration he gave to myself and family.

He loved his following here very much and mentioned you often and fondly. A couple years ago when we went to Red Oak Iowa for a wedding he was so excited to share his experience with you. Maybe you remember the reception in the barn, or the the vanilla ice cream churning outside, powered by the front end of a 1950's John Deere tractor. I know he posted photos here about the trip cause he mentioned you guys a lot during the trip

I love my brother very much, and thank him and welcome his spirit into my household daily. I'm absolutely certain "Chip" is in a wonderful place, and I look forward to a future filled with continued inspirations he will be giving us all.

Thank You God for the Bo and Chip experience, and Thank You Bo, I love you very, very much. Jim

We will be having a celebration get together for the life of "Chip Ahoy" in Denver July 18th. If anyone is interested in coming post here and I'll get back to you."

There you have it - sounds like it might be a worthwhile event.

ndspinelli said...

Depending on health circumstances, I might be there. It was inspiring to attend Aridog's funeral, even though I had never met him. And the funeral was in fucking Detroit!