Sunday, April 14, 2019

Wikileaks dumped everything

Get it while it's hot. Here.

(I was hoping it'd be a lot more nefarious. At least a lot more damaging. At the very least a lot more embarrassing. But it 'snot.)

[f control sex]

bsu sex trips.

That's Ball State University, in Muncie Indiana. Some guy named TJ Hemlinger is exposed.
Hello. I will be in Atlanta later this month on business and would like
to pay a visit to your dungeon and have a session with a mistress. Do I
have to become a member before the visit, or can I just call when I
arrive in Atlanta and schedule a session? I am an experienced submissive
and desire the best in pain and degradation.
Ha ha ha. Is that all?

A bit more of the same, but all terribly prosaic. (Except for the poop part.)

So are the Clinton emails. Such as I've seen so far anyway.

And there goes all the fun. Maybe others can find better. I mean worse.

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