Friday, April 19, 2019

Rory in SLC

John Kohler has thousands of videos about gardening, along with hundreds of videos on other subjects. These videos have inspired thousands of other people to begin gardening and to approach the project as experiment. I notice these newly minted gardener types express their effort as "journey." It's come to the point where John is recognized everywhere. People cannot hold back when they see him. They're compelled to approach John and tell him how he's affected their life and invite him to come see their garden and explain what they've done. John learns from the experience of others.

When Rory comes into this video, if you decide to watch it, notice how he just sits there and smiles while John is talking. What is he thinking, how chuffed he is to have John explaining his unique garden?

I watched dozens of similar videos on speed X2 (because, frankly, everyone talks too much) but slowed to normal speed for this one. Scenes similar to this occur all the time. I'll be watching a series of videos produced by a specific gardener and then boom, there they are with John and pleased to present him and each tells him the profound affect that he's had on their gardening style. In this video John learns something significant.

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