Saturday, April 20, 2019

AP Headline: "Tourist Mecca Notre Dame Also Revered As Place of Worship

You must see the two reversals here. I notice in comments elsewhere that some people don't.

Also notice that Drudge links quite a lot to AP and soon as I click over then I click right off in disgust because they don't allow comments and that makes them 100X less interesting. There is no-one on the page to tell them how stupid they are. I never read their articles. I visualize them all young and very naïve children playing at being the press. This headline is not made by the writers, but it does typify their material.

Try double reversing this to Islam religion to sense the ridiculous mindset that produced it.

The Golden Dome attracting Vegas-size crowds sometimes still hosts actual prayers.

The revered Black Stone in its vagina-shaped silver frame set in the corner of a very large box also attracts crowds with apparently no better place to go.

Put yourself in the mind of an AP editor with the same dismissive attitude toward Islam that they hold for Christianity.

The Hotspot Taj Mahal in Agra India is still a mausoleum for some little-known old-time Mughal emperor's wife, where cocktails are not even served, and swimming is still disallowed in the pool and pets are always discouraged especially monkeys and dogs.

This is why AP is not a valid source for news, and why Drudge would be better to ignore it. Except for fun.


edutcher said...

The farther along we go, the more it screams a Moslem did it.

ampersand said...

Some time ago on the TV, Sam Donaldson objected to the fact that Christianity is a major religion. He was adamant and nothing could change his mind. Which reminded me that someone once revealed that the Ted Baxter character was based on Sam.