Thursday, April 18, 2019

120 ideas for succulents in containers

Video viewed best on mute and at 2X speed.

Or, I can save you the bother. Here's the winner.

It wins because it's planted with forethought as a natural landscape. It follows the tenets of formal floral arrangement by combining colors, shades, textures, shapes that grow upward, outward and hang down with minimum of plant varieties and economy. It is a scene that your mind can wander into and without any gimmicks like little houses or elves. 

The others are too precious. 

Or not precious enough.

Or too tacky. 

Or too cheap.

Or too dumb. Like work boots.

Or too grand like an entire wall or an entire fence. Like the owners went temporarily insane.

Birdcages. Force you to ask what happened to the bird.

Picture frames. Gimme a break.

Macrame. The 70's called and said give them their plant hangers back. 

Wooden ladder. The painter died and left it behind.

A crib. pffft.

VE, come on, what is this, Philadelphia in the 60's?

Birdbaths, f.u., birds.

Broken pottery. Just so. 

Metal chair that disinvites you to sit.

Scooped out logs could be trash when not sunk into the ground.

I hate all of you. I swiped "left" the whole way through. 

And yet. And yet. Comments are all positive, like everyone's all blown away by all the fantastic ideas. What's wrong with you people? 

There isn't a single Egyptian ceramic replication. No King Tut or Nefertiti dolled up with a plant. No Bastet or Bes, no canopic jar or sarcophagus. GAWL!

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