Friday, December 22, 2017

Uptown Funk, ASL by thedailysign

You can watch 100 music videos in ASL on YouTube and not see one good as this. Her tutorial for this song is unavailable.


* Abbreviations for names and places and brands so you won't see Michelle Pfeiffer, Chucks, Saint Laurent, Harlem, Hollywood is shown as "acting," Jackson Mississippi, Skippy,

* This shit, that ice cold is glossed "this cold." And that's a bit of a shame because it forfeits great opportunity.

* Funk you up is "up (hard) up. Another forfeit.

* Textbook don't believe is "doubt." Doubt is like "see" but with bent fingers fake-poking the eyes, hers is a similar sign to the side of her face with the thumb, a nearly stylized "don't" I can't make sense of it. Don't is the same as not, a thumb pulled forward from under the chin. Believe is "think" tap on the forehead + "marriage" two-handed clasp. I'm seeing her thumb at the side of her face and an open hand at at that same spot, possibly and incipient "think" and a clasp. It's something I've not seen for "don't believe"

* There are two ways she shows "watch" people looking in and her looking out. I just realized at one point she errors and says, "wait" in place of just watch,  I mistook her wait for people looking in.

* Stop wait a minute is "stop, minute"

* Cop is "C" where a badge goes on left pectoral, and fireman is a broad badge at the front of a helmet.

* Textbook dragon is fire coming forward from the mouth, her version looks more like "want" which also looks a bit like fire, and like wait, where wait is upward fingers wiggling and fire is the same thing but leaping flames. In rapid sloppy elided speech they're nearly identical. Both hands lift up and then back down for leaping fire, and wait is sometimes pulsating depending on the intensity of the fire and length of impatient waiting. Want is the same configuration but rigid clawed fingers pulled inward. It's strange convergence of similarly configured signs. I do not see flames coming out her mouth. But knowing the lyrics tells us where we see "want" she is saying "dragon."

* Textbook hot is a broad "C" flicked from the mouth, hers is that idea but no mouth, she makes the motion across her torso.

All that said, this really is very good. Good as it gets.


Leland said...

She's modest. She wants to get into it, because it is a good song to get into. But she seems a bit embarrassed, and keeps looking at the person off camera. The ASL looks good. I wouldn't really know, I'll have to ask my daughters that took it as their foreign language requirement. I do know she's not doing enough with her mouth to help bring out the words.

But I critique too much. It's good. And it is a good song to share. I clicked over to YouTube, which oddly gave me 3 months free of YouTube Red yet I still get ads (I guess I won't be continuing that subscription). I see her Pop playlist. She definitely gets more comfortable with experience.

AllenS said...

The girls got game.

Dad Bones said...

Couldn't take my eyes off her.