Wednesday, December 27, 2017


I'm reading about pineapples and learned a few things. First, the bumps on a pineapple are separate berries. They make a bunch of flowers that are pollinated by either hummingbirds in daytime or by bats at night. The separate berries coalesce to a unified fruit.

Wikipedia says they will not ripen once they are cut and they're very perishable. If stored at room temperature then they should be used within two days. If refrigerated then up to five days.

I did not know that. I have one sitting around for a week. I stopped reading and went right over and cut it up. And man, is it ever good. That was close. One more day and it would be too soft and smelling like alcohol.

880 recipes for fresh pineapple.  Basically, pineapple goes with everything.

Tomorrow my new thing will be three kielbasa sausages cooked slowly on low for hours, one pineapple and one small napa cabbage added the last 30 minutes.

In Denver our grocery stores do not have a very good selection of sausages. It's the same stuff over and over, Italian sausage, mild, medium and hot, bratwurst, and chorizo.  Oliver's on 7th makes interesting sausages, but they get into duck and blueberries and such. And Whole Foods has some interesting things, smoked sausages and the like. Compared to all that the pre-packaged kielbasas are excellent. And they're so loaded with spices their flavor can be dispersed throughout a few cups of water with no loss. Then the  sausages cooked further (they're cooked to begin with) and resulting broth are both excellent. And now I will make them with pineapple in place of potato. Just to have them around and munch on throughout the day. I realized two kielbasas are not enough. They go too quickly.

This page on Thinglish Lifestyle is charming. The man says he can buy one small pineapple plant for 2 Baht (6¢) and a local farmer sells each pineapple for 25 Baht (76¢). He bought 55 pineapple plants for 100 Baht ($3.05) He's going to plant a few hundred more to keep out stray dogs. He says that pineapples grow everywhere. But not if you live in a cold place (Unlucky!)


edutcher said...

When we were in HI, we saw the Dole plantation.

Huge affair.

ampersand said...

Do a search for "Polish stores Denver" You'll probably find a variety of home made sausages.