Sunday, December 31, 2017

Irrelevant person speaks

There was a crooked woman and she smiled a crooked smile.
She chokes up her crooked bile sat atop her crooked pile.
She is a crooked cat rounding up her crooked mice
The contortions that she bends to string along her friends
Are frozen interwoven crooked ice.

How American! Actions speak much more clearly than a politician's poll-tested words. This is the precise polar opposite of what this woman did as Secretary of State when she undermined the Iranian Green Revolution by cutting funding for democratic organizations and programs in Iran and doing nothing to help the opposition. Hillary supported the mullahs through Obama's decision to achieve the Iranian Nuclear deal that she praised just three months ago.

She is not relevant. No matter how many times she props herself up with wobbly sticks, and flings herself to the front of the bandwagon and presumes to lead it. She showed her leadership and it is was for the mullahs and not for freedom. But her very many mice don't care about anything so damaging as that.


edutcher said...

Rent-free, I believe the phrase is.

Leland said...

So what I get out of the tweet is this, the concept of prayer has been replaced with hope. As we saw after Las Vegas and the Texas church shooting, progressive communist atheists (I repeat myself over and over) proclaimed prayer won't help, only action. But they don't really believe in providing action, especially when they know words are more useful in that they don't do anything counterproductive. So instead of using "I pray the government responds peacefully"; Hillary uses "hope" which forces the double use of "hope" in the sentence.

Otherwise the statement is classic Hillary Clinton dumb. Let me tell you What is Happening Hillary, so you won't write about it later. The people are protesting the government, so the government will not support the protestors "hope". If governments, I mean politicians, actually did what the people "hoped"; you, Hillary, would go away.

ndspinelli said...

Muslim clerics don't "support hope" they crush it.

Hunter Biden's tax payer funded Hooker said...

HER> is like the Mullahs.

Hunter Biden's tax payer funded Hooker said...

I hope and pray that evil two-faced money grubbing whore who ruined Libya for her own lie, dies soon. Free the American people and give us hope, Hillary. Drop dead.

ricpic said...

Pure speculation on my part but Persia as a civilization predates Islam and I think a lot of Iranians deeply resent the Arab import Islam. I read that in some of the protests they are chanting Zoroastrian prayers.

chickelit said...

I always get mullah confused with moolah. Clinton served both.

Methadras said...

She's such a waste of fucking oxygen at this point. Tweeting platitudes of meaningless happy talk knowing full well as SoS what kind of horror show theocratic nightmare Iran is.