Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Jellystone CSI

We never knew what happened to all of those young hikers who disappeared in Jellystone. They would come and visit with Yogi and Boo Boo and of course Smokey who had a condo here.

They would come and see the sites and go off on a hike and where never heard from again. At first we suspected Yogi who as you all know was a crack addict and a big time pussy hound. But he was in the can when the last victim was found. And she was a lesbian so we knew she wasn't Yogi's kind of poontang. She was the first one we found who wasn't a charred bag of bones buried deep in the forest. She was found spread eagled over a campfire with the lanyard from a campaign hat wrapped around her neck.

So we turned our investigation towards Smokey.

(Jellystone CSI, Memories of a Park Ranger Forensic Scientist, Penguin Press 2009)

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edutcher said...

You're going stir crazy on account the snow, right?