Monday, December 11, 2017

WKRLEM: Nobody ever drowned in Roy Moore's Car.

Read the entire article on "American Thinker."

In it you get a recap of the famous "waitress sandwich" that Uncle Ted and his butt boy Christopher Dodd made. Just a small example of the behavior of the Lion of the Senate.

Now the main stream media liars and the Democrat hypocrites want to destroy Judge Moore based on fabricated stories which are proving to be forgeries. One of these whores even admitted forging the date on to the yearbook which was her one piece of evidence and the media barefaced lies and said it is not a forgery. Yeesh.

I think he wins easily.

I also think he will stand against President Trump almost as much as he stands with him. Because Judge Roy Moore is not afraid to stand alone in defense of the Ten Commandments and Religious Freedom.


edutcher said...

Bravo on reminding people what real slobs the Demos are.

And I think Moore may be a better ally for Trump, simply because, as former military, he'll see eye-to-eye on a great many things.

Trooper York said...

I think he will vote with him most of the time.

I also think it is a good thing that he will be a pariah in the Senate.

He will stand alone in defense of the "normals."

He has done it before. At the risk of his position. He has been pilloried and lost his job. But he stood firm.

I expect nothing less in the Senate.

Amartel said...

I've said all along that if I were an Alabama resident I would still vote for Moore in order to vote against grotesquely opportunistic partisan media attacks on GOP candidates. The allegations were entirely partisan, released only after when it was too late for the Republicans to get a better candidate in there, designed to allow the Dems to pick up an entirely unearned Senate seat. The media whores don't care about these ladies who were allegedly seduced by Roy Moore 40 years ago; if they did we would have heard about this a lot sooner! Nobody really talks about the allegations from that perspective. They don't focus on the partisanship of the media. The focus on the (entirely predictable) partisanship of the parties, like the calculation that the Dems are making that if they sacrifice a few of their lambs will they be able to lord their purity over the Reps. Meanwhile failing to mention that the GOP Establishment was icing Moore out until recently. So the allegations themselves should be viewed as non-credible due to their entirely partisan nature as well as the fact that they are 40 years old and starting to crumble under scrutiny. Not credible at all.

Trooper York said...

The problem is that Judge Moore is a heterosexual

If he was a finoik he would be a cultural hero.

windbag said...

This whole mess is a good example of why we need to repeal the 17th amendment.

ricpic said...

"That man made me tingle 37 years ago! And it's been all downhill ever since. That's no way to treat a lady! Sorta."

chickelit said...

I didn't hear any Alabama accents. What's up with that?

You guys probably don't remember this but I do: Years and years ago now, reader_iam asked what was up with teams of out-of-state media and supporters descending on another state to influence a state election. This isn't the same as a news team asking around about a national election; Americans are curious about how other Americans feel about national issues. As far as I'm concerned, the news media can butt the fuck out of Alabama and its Senate election. Go whine about your own Senator. That reminds me: Kamala Harris pretends to represent me but she doesn't. I'll oppose her all the way to the national primary.

Amartel said...

Willie Brown protege (draw your own conclusions) and imminent disaster Kamala Harris will be running for president. Brace for that. The Dems are going to try to go back to the low experience/ no baggage charming articulate neophyte of color with simpleton socialist policies well again.