Thursday, December 21, 2017

Southland Christian Church, Christmas According to Kids

In the style of the Drunk History videos. 


MamaM said...

While all the Nativity vids posted reveal adult driven set-ups with children bringing and entering in with some of their own unique expressions and responses, this one seems like a fun blend, done with enough awareness of a child's viewpoint and expression to make it seem credible, whether those were words from the children or not. Enough of a turn and take on other programs and costumes to capture attention and semi-poke fun and invite humor and interest without turning to ridicule

I was charmed by the concept, presentation, words and costumes, and started laughing about the time the giant star appeared. It was as impressive as those earlier eye-poking angel wings.

These have been a fun set of Nativity takes! And Gives!

ricpic said...

That was pretty gutsy of the kid who said, "I think he probably pooped." It bespeaks a non-servile mind.