Friday, December 22, 2017

The FBI Won't Release Motive in Las Vegas Shooting Until Oct 2018

Fox News Article
“Want to finally know why Stephen Paddock gunned down 58 people in Las Vegas in early October?
Be prepared to wait a while – possibly until next October – the chief of the FBI’s Las Vegas office revealed this week during an interview in which he said the agency probably wouldn't brief the public until their report is released sometime before the tragedy’s first anniversary.”

Why??? Everyone wants to know. What’s taking so long? You are the vaunted, impeccable and trusted FBI….oh..wait.  That reputation has been blown to Hell lately.

Why wait?  My guess is, that whatever the motive is will reflect horribly on  liberals and Democrats.  They don’t want voters to have the facts about the mass slaughter of a group of Country Western fans at a concert to be known.   It may make people angry and ‘woke’.  Trump voters and conservatives are the target of violence and death by deranged Anti-Fa and others on the radical left.  As we have seen in Charlottesville , the police and government officials were in on the fix, allowing and perhaps even encouraging the chaos in order to cast blame and sway public opinion their way. 

Or it could just be good old fashioned incompetence  

Not that I want to go into conspiracy theory territory, but, what the heck, why not?  I will.   

If the FBI just waits until AFTER the 2018 elections in the hopes that a few more Republican Seats can be flipped then the goal of the deep state to thwart Trump’s agenda will be even closer.

Be vewy vewy quiet I'm hunting Donald Trump

All this aside, the loss of faith and respect in the FBI and basically most other Government agencies is a very very bad thing for society.  When 50% or more of the population for whatever reason and on both sides of the divide think that the Government is cheating, lying and manipulating the democratic process….well….the next logical steps will not be very pretty.

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Leland said...

I don't know if it will be bad for liberals are not. But if their is a political bias to the report and the motives; then someone (GOP Congress, looking at you!) needs to remind the f'in FBI that releasing October surprises just prior to an election is hurting their credibility, which is already in the tank. They can't afford flushing it anymore.

edutcher said...

I'll take incompetence for 500, Alex, and then reflects horribly on liberals and Democrats for a thousand.

Hunter Biden's tax payer funded Hooker said...

If the guy was a progressive nut-job, we will NEVER know that.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Unlike most instances, I think that under this pile of horseshit there really is a pony. One that they don't want us to see of course.

The FBI has really trashed its own reputation with all of the recent political machinations. Perhaps this has always been the modus operandi of the FBI (Hoover for example). We just seem to be more aware of it now. Thanks to the Internet, I believe.

AllenS said...

I hate to say this, but you can't trust the police. FBI? No fuckin way.

Hunter Biden's tax payer funded Hooker said...

I guarantee the truth will not matter. The media and the corrupt FBI will make this guy a Trump supporting white supremacist right before an election. Count on it.

ampersand said...

After the Kennedy assassination, using 1963 technology, a great deal of information was publicly available on Oswald. This is unacceptable.

Amartel said...

It's bad enough that the "news" tries to curate our reality, now our government is doing it, too. Well, they have been doing so for years but this is goddam ridiculous.

Rabel said...

You can see snippets of the FBI Las Vegas chief's interview here.

There is something really weird about this guy. It doesn't necessarily mean he's a bad guy, but he definitely gives me the creeps.

ndspinelli said...

DBQ, FBI friends[most now retired] tell me that the FBI was always political. When cops were the director it was far right under Hoover and then just right, under other cop directors. With former DOJ attorneys becoming successive directors it started turning left. Obama turned it into a KGB type institution. Trump had an opportunity to put in an out of the box director, but he put in a swamp dweller.

The FBI has never been as good as the masses think. They are very good w/ forensics, but are usually baffled w/ crimes that require imagination to solve.

ndspinelli said...

Allen, NEVER trust cops. they are not your friend. If you get pulled over and they ask to look in your trunk, always respectively decline. And don't respond to the inevitable questions "what do you have to hide??" Just smile. If you feel the need to say anything, just say, "4th amendment, sir."

ricpic said...

Wasn't that FBI guy Rouse standing behind the Las Vegas sheriff during those early press conferences? That sheriff seemed nervous as hell to me. Like there was something he was bursting to tell but didn't dare tell. And this Rouse guy stood behind him like a handler: very still and transmitting the message that the sheriff better not say the wrong thing.

Rabel said...

"Wasn't that FBI guy Rouse standing behind the Las Vegas sheriff during those early press conferences?"

Yes. That was him.

Methadras said...

October 2018? They are telling you it's going to be an October surprise before the election. Duh.

AllenS said...

I just got a notice that for Jan 1 to Jan 31, I'm on jury duty. Wondering if I should tell them that I've developed a jaundiced eye.

ndspinelli said...

Allen, If it's a criminal case, say "He wouldn't be on trial if he didn't do it."

If it's a civil case, just rant about ambulance chasers. You'll be excused.

But, it is edifying to serve on a jury.

AllenS said...

Every 5 years I get this jury notice BS. Things have changed, and I'm going to tell them about it. In front of everyone.

Dust Bunny Queen said...


Jury nullification. Quote it.

when members of the jury disagree with the law the defendant has been charged with breaking, or believe that the law should not be applied in that particular case.

Or....when you put Hillary in jail, I might consider actually applying the law, until then....I'm making it up as I go....just like Hillary.

Chip Ahoy said...

Allen, just be yourself. They don't like smart people.

Amartel said...

I totally boot smart people off the jury.

Mr. Majestyk said...

"They don't like smart people" on a jury.

But I was on a jury -- HEY!

The Dude said...

Guy sitting next to me in the jury pool was asked "Have you ever served on a jury before?"


"Did you find the defendant guilty or innocent?"

"What's that?"

"Did dude get to go home or was he sent to jail?"

"I don't know."

"Okay, you're in."

"Now, Mr. Grit, what do you think about the drug laws?"

"Fry all the crack dealers - they are wastes of oxygen."

"You may go."

Haven't been called back since.

deborah said...


"We just seem to be more aware of it now. Thanks to the Internet, I believe."

Exactly. BuzzFeed is being sued for defamation over the Steele Dossier, which is smart, because no one from the FBI or the DNC will ever be prosecuted.

Re Seth Rich:

"Later that same day, a purported audio recording of Hersh was made public, in which he states that his "high level" and "unbelievably accurate" source provided him with information from an FBI report confirming Rich had been in contact with Wikileaks prior to his death. Hersh has not publicly denied the authenticity of the recording, nor his alleged statements on it.[70]"

bagoh20 said...

I was on a jury once, and it was one of the most disappointing experiences of my life. Illegal alien clearly speeding through a parking lot smashed into a woman backing out. Everyone agreed he was at fault yet they wanted to blame her so her insurance would pay for everything. Why? He was poor and uninsured. The insurance company could afford it.

As for the Vegas shooting, I want to know his motive, but it is ultimately unimportant. He was too well off to have been paid to do it by some group. It was almost certainly a stupid unsupportable reason that will only confirm what a total senseless waste of life it was. It will not be a surprise except in it's utter stupidity and selfishness.