Thursday, December 14, 2017

Inspector General's year-long investigation into politicization of FBI and DOJ

The I.G. full report is scheduled for release January 15, 2018. Due to its 1.2 million documents bulk, the I.G. is controlling its release in carefully curated pieces. He is allowing time for the public to take this in and time for the principles to react. This is why Andrew McCabe cancelled his scheduled appearance on Capitol Hill. He has a conspiracy issue to deal with. He needs lawyer's advice. In his absence the I.G. released more documents to the investigative committee. The pervious email dumps showed tremendous pervasive partisanship among key figures in the FBI's investigation of Trump colluding with Russia to swing the election. Damning enough. The information released today develops a picture of FBI cadre formulating a backup plan to delegitimize Trump should FBI plans to preventing Trump from being elected fail. FBI agent Strzok writing to FBI lawyer Lisa Page:
I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office that there’s no way he gets elected – but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.
Trey Gowdy and Jim Jordan can interrogate Rosenstein all they like, while Rosenstein's disengaged eyes wander like Peanuts cartoon when adults speak, "wah wah wah wah wah," and they can make all the righteous noise they can muster, but it's up to DOJ to actually prosecute and knowing that could be the reason why Jeff Sessions recused himself and why he seems so complacent throughout, so he can act when the timing is right, when the public has taken this in, when the depth and the breadth of FBI and DOJ crimes are made obvious, when media can no longer reformulate facts for their partisan audience, when he must and with minimized conflict.

For show, then. And it's a very good show.

They're calling for second investigation into the investigators. But that's on top of another dozen ongoing investigations. From Hillary's emails and her destroying evidence, through FBI complicity in Obama's DOJ giving Hillary a pass, to FBI, CIA, and DOJ illegally obtaining FISA warrant to eavesdrop Trump campaign and then delegitimize his administration, politicized departments of government acting in concert to usurp the will of the people, this is magnitudes of order beyond Watergate forty-five years ago.

Break it down for us. What did we just see?



Chip Ahoy said...

Awaken like Grandfather Clock on Captain Kangaroo.

In kindergarten that drove me nuts. It took forever for that clock to wake up. They stretched it out way beyond the patience of a toddler. blink blink blink, eyes shift behind 1/4 opened eyelids, blink blink blink, 1/2 opened eyelids, blink blink blink 3/4 opened eyelids. And I'm sitting there going crazy, WAKE THE FUCK UP!

Then I watched it on YouTube, and it goes in like 5 seconds.

AllenS said...

Pretty good stuff.

Hunter Biden's tax payer funded Hooker said...

No one in the MSM is paying any attention. Corrupt FBI? who cares.

Leland said...

I just can't get excited about this anymore. I heard a few clips yesterday on the news, Rush, and then started seeing youtube videos appear on blog sites like here. The first one I heard was my own Congressman Ted Poe (former criminal court Judge, and famous locally for his alternative punishments) rip into the guy. Well sort of ripped into him. He made a loud noise, demanded to know how many citizens were unmasked by the Obama Adminsitration, and the guy didn't know the answer, and the Congressman ended with "we still don't know the answer". Uh huh, you still don't know, and now what?

Same goes for Gowdy and Jordan, you still got the run around. The takeaway is the guy said there is no grounds to fire Mueller. There are grounds, but unless you lay out those grounds and then demand he be fired; then you might as well gave the same answer about no grounds to fire. And today, we are exactly where we were with Comey back in January. Everybody, on both sides of the aisle, new Comey was hopelessly corrupt and a liar. Trump had every reason to fire Comey, not the least that it is the President's sole authority to do so and as the incoming President, particularly knowing how corrupt your head of the FBI is, why not fire him? So Trump fires Comey, and we get an obstruction of justice charge and the need for Mueller to investigate it in relation to a bogus claim of Russian collusion with Trump. So what happens now if Trump fires Mueller?

More of the same. We all know it, because it is what we keep getting fed. We aren't idiots, we know the some slop when we smell it over and over. Sometimes it is dressed up a little better with these criticism of those serving this BS, but they still serve the BS, and we still take it. Let me know when Gowdy demands Rosenstein resign, and if Rosenstein doesn't resign, Gowdy support a Congressional resolution to recommend Trump fire his ass with a rider that says if Trump fires Rosenstein, Congress will line item out his pension. Do that, and I'll believe those barking dogs have teeth.

rcocean said...

Why doesn't anyone in the Conservative media talk about WHO Rosenstein exactly is. Is he a liberal, a democrat? What's his background? Why did Sessions appoint HIM?

Why did Chuckie Schumer vote for him, when he's opposed every other Trump appointment?

As for McCabe, he was more or less plucked from a relatively low level FBI job and made Deputy director by Comey early in 2016. Just in time for the Hillary Email investigation. Why is he still with the FBI?

Methadras said...

Jim Jordan did not ask the only question to be asked, "Will you disband the s current special counsel and start a new one to investigate these other traitors."

Answer: Process, process, process. Congress is unwilling, unable, and ineffective in their ability to prosecute any of these people in any meaningful way. I've already told you all that they are all bark and no bite. I would have sat in front of Jordan and laughed in his face and said, "Are you fucking serious? Do you know how the system works? Nice show for the camera dude, but you're a lightweight Why the fuck am i here again? See ya." got up and left.