Monday, December 11, 2017

1685 on the AM dial...

Johann Sebastian Bach.jpg


ricpic said...

On Hearing A Symphony Of Beethoven

Sweet sounds, oh, beautiful music, do not cease!
Reject me not into the world again.
With you alone is excellence and peace,
Mankind made plausible, his purpose plain.
Enchanted in your air benign and shrewd,
With limbs a-sprawl and empty faces pale,
The spiteful and the stingy and the rude
Sleep like the scullions in the fairy-tale.
This moment is the best the world can give;
The tranquil blossom on the tortured stem.
Reject me not, sweet sounds; oh, let me live,
Till Doom espy my towers and scatter them,
A city spell-bound under the aging sun.
Music my rampart, and my only one.

Edna St. Vincent Millay

The Dude said...

Excellent poem choice, ricpic, thanks for posting it.

chickelit said...

Sounds gorgeous but #LooksSoWhite. Bach had an excuse; what about the Dutch?

William said...

In every symphony orchestra, there's always a few hot chicks. A pretty girl looks soulful and pure when she's playing the violin. Not so much when they're at work with the wood winds. Anyone here familiar with classical musicians? Do the girls in certain sections have shadier reputations than the girls in the string section?..... A friend in the nursing profession told me that the girls in the ICU were much wilder than the girls on the regular floors.

ndspinelli said...

William, I wish you would comment more often. You are good. Nurse in general are much more sexual I think because they are quite familiar w/ the body.

MamaM said...

While I'm onboard with the wish that William would comment more often, ND's nurse generalization leaves me wondering what "more sexual" involves? More willing or interested in engaging in sex? More creative, passionate, receptive, responsive, spontaneous, open to intimacy, interested in self or mutual pleasure?

Perhaps the proximity of the ICU unit to Death's Door factors into the wildness noted.