Saturday, December 16, 2017

MSNBC Anchor Loses Net Neutrality Debate With Former FCC Commissioner

Via Daily Caller


AllenS said...

That was some pretty good action.

William said...

My relentless pursuit of the Higg's boson doesn't leave me enough time to properly understand the implications of net neutrality. Still, I did watch this excerpt. I noted that the man being interviewed was better looking and more poised and knowledgeable about the subject than the interviewer, and thus he was more persuasive. I always believe in the judgment and wisdom of the better looking person in any confrontation. Who can doubt the moral grandeur of Matt Lauer. Before he went bald, he was very good looking and nearly always right about everything. It's very rare that you see an attractive interviewee who's better looking and more confident in his delivery than the tv personality who is interviewing him.

Chip Ahoy said...

The fat guy is too stupid to even argue with. He's not interested in understanding anything. His mind is closed and his ego fragile and his type-A personality doesn't allow honest conversation. He interrupts his guest mid sentence. So fuck him pow right in his butt.

This is exactly why I don't watch this network.

It's why I didn't watch this video three times before this. It irritates the living shit out of me because it reminds me of personal conversations with this closed mind partisan type.

I have a friend who lives nearby but I see once a year and each time I wonder why I even bother that much. The last time I treated him to lunch at a place that he goes to. This is 100% typical conversation. I asked him what his thoughts were about the Trump phenomena. He unloaded a stream of invectives. Wildly inaccurate. Pinched in perspective. Whatever his sources of information, they're shoddy. Cable news and Denver Post, whatever old people do. He said he's glad he won't be alive to see the outcome of all this.

The direct opposite of my delight at seeing corruption being aired. Opposite my glee at seeing Republican party ripped a new asshole. Opposite my ecstasy observing Democrat party, corrupted government departments, all U.S. media shown for what they are, politicized and malevolent forces, and suffering for their compulsions.

I said, "That's the opposite of my perspective."

"I don't want to talk about it anymore. See? I get edgy already. I feel my blood pressure rising."

He shows his shaking hand.

Successful career as Naval officer. Successful businessman. Extensively well traveled. Rather smart otherwise. But always this exact little prick.

And I'm thinking, as I'm treating him and being delightful and agreeable, "You fucking asshole. You pitiful controlling little dick. Just fucking bite me."

And driving home I'm thinking, "Dude, why do you even bother? Why? It's a mystery that has something to do with Jesus or something externally spiritual because this persistence in trying is not internal. The real me is saying just fuck the fucking fuckity fuck off, go and be miserable in isolation or in concert I don't care and then just fucking die. See you at your miserable funeral."

And that's how I feel about the MSNBC interviewer. It's not good for me to watch them.

But wait.

There's more.

Chip Ahoy said...

I'd like to tell you something else contrary to what I just said.

There are other people like this man who for some reason are important to me. Even though they're stinking rip assholes. The political conversations I can relate are outrageous. Like this video.

One such I wrote off. He was always annoying this same way but less important to my life. Our friendship was held together by his effort, not mine.

Even after I wrote him off he continued to keep contact. There were too many great things that happened to just say, okay fine, just fuck this whole thing then. Go vote for your Democrat because you are Democrat. I don't need any friends so stupid as to swear allegiance to such an unworthy agency as a political party. Talk to the hand.

He didn't accept that.

So he wrote and he dropped in once in awhile.

And just yesterday I thought, you know what, that type of background friendship is honorable. I suppose. I should respect that because it shows effort extended to me. How can I express no hard feeling even though I'm better off not draining I.Q. points by propinquity to you and your pals?

I recalled a conversation where I handed him the last beer that another friend made by a certificate I bought him for brewing lessons downstairs. That turned out to be a blast. I told this second friend where this beer came from and he showed surprising deep interest. He kept interrogating me on specifics. So yesterday I went downstairs and bought another certificate for brewing classes and mailed with a pamphlet. And that, with a letter explaining the dealio, was an ersatz Christmas card. It's downstairs now waiting to be picked up.

This certificate is something he'll share. He's not an individualist type. And when he and his friends show up they'll undoubtedly call me to come downstairs and join them.

So then, even though so much of life is like this pathetic MSNBC interview, all is not hopeless. There's always some thin hair of salvation. Something for one's soul to clasp onto.

Hunter Biden's tax payer funded Hooker said...

Fuck off MSNBDouchebag.

shorter MSNBCDouchmeba- "stop making arguments that go against the hivemind leftwing lie machine..."

Hunter Biden's tax payer funded Hooker said...

The left is one giant lie machine. It is. the whole thing is a pile of Moulitsas asswipe lies.

bagoh20 said...

When you get "I don't want to talk about this anymore." after just a few minutes of argument, it's the equivalent of crushing your enemies, see them driven before you, and hearing the lamentations of their women. Of course this dope has no women.