Monday, October 3, 2016

song of the south


Sixty Grit said...

Danney Williams-Clinton?

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Why doesn't Danney get to fly on priviate jets to climate change conferences? Don't Black Lives Matter too/

ndspinelli said...

Evi, Ouch! I can't wait to see how nasty it is on 11/1/16.

edutcher said...

Willie is jus' lahk all dem odder white boys dat wouldn't paas de tahm o'day wif a colored man, but he sho' do lahk he brown sugah.

PS See where Frumpty once thought Assange ought to be droned?

AprilApple said...

that a-hole womanizer rapist will be back in the White House soon. Thanks, delusional Trump supporters.

Florida Poll: Trump down 5 - Rubio up 7.

Trooper York said...

Our little ray of sunshine is back.


edutcher said...

Assange is letting some new sunshine into the world in Berlin, at 3AM tomorrow.

I guess she'll have to take this 3 AM phone call.

That, and the rumor about Willie likin' that brown sugar turning out to be true ought to make

PS The Donald now leads in CO and has put NM in play and he's driven Frumpty out of OH. What FL poll that might be is anybody's guess, Fox or something.

Well, some people really enjoy being miserable. They love even more making everybody else as miserable as they are.

edutcher said...

PPS Frumpty had a gurney waiting for her at her Akron rally. Looks like I was wrong about her cancelling those joint rallies with Bernie because she was ashamed of what she said about his people

Looks like Frumpty is bailing on NV, too.

And then there's this (Surber is on fire today), remember how The Donald demanded Pissy not pardon Frumpty? Well, some of his supporters are begging him that he should pardon her.

Pour kwah, you may ask? Hillary is a sick woman and didn't know what she was doing. We shouldn't prosecute the mentally ill.

Every felon deserves a second, or third, or 33,000th chance.

Ya gotta love it.

Chip Ahoy said...

Your French is de-voon. Come see, come saw, come seesaw ah veck muah ha ha ha ha.

AprilApple said...

Trump down 9 in new poll in CO.

edutcher said...

Well, "new poll" can mean anything, but the fact she's giving up on swing states tells some of us some of those polls may be a tad off. One of the ones that gave up spotting her 5 and now spots her 15.

Sources make all the difference - Trump up 5 in CO.

Of course, it depends if it's one of those polls based on the premise Trump is in a "death spiral", the way he was thinking of giving up a month or so ago.

AprilApple said...

State Lead
Colorado Trump +0.5

Hey cool! +5 and +0.5 are the same. Maff!

I thought RedSTate was NeverTrumper Trash!
Colorado Trump +0.5
Florida Clinton +1.2
Nevada Trump +0.2
North Carolina Trump +0.8
Ohio Trump +2.0
Pennsylvania Clinton +1.8

AprilApple said...

"The US Presidential Election is a set of 50 statewide contests held on the same day. Can Donald Trump find a way past Hillary Clinton to win enough of them, to win the Electoral College vote?

As of now the polls still say no. Most states are safe or very likely to go for one candidate or the other. In those, Clinton leads big. Using the RealClearPolitics count, we see Clinton up 201-165 in the solid states. That means Trump has to win big in the close states, in order to win the election.

Right now he's winning five states that Obama won: Nevada, Ohio, Colorado, Iowa, and North Carolina (though Romney also won NC). This is not enough for him to win. The states Trump is currently leading in the polls, as depicted in the map above, only give Trump 246 electoral votes to 292.

Add Florida, however, and that is enough. He'd take a 275-263 advantage. But if he then loses Colorado, Nevada, Ohio, or North Carolina, and he's back behind again. He's walking a tightrope and has very few paths to victory. He's got to run the table because he's not expanding the map.

Trump is winning no states that George Bush didn't win. He's following the same path that Bush took, but not as well."

AprilApple said...

CO Poll

ricpic said...

Trump's biggest advantage is the stale stench wafting off the Witch. Alliteration baby, it's your friend. :^)

AprilApple said...

If Delusion were Trump gasoline that fueled a real engine - I'd buy stock.

edutcher said...

Too bad we can't always pick and choose.

Some people would rather see the country go up in flames than be wrong or (worse) just have someone that wasn't one of their Mambo Kings win. Haters gotta hate, I guess.

Funny how Trump was doing great until the debate and now, like just after the convention, it's all coming apart. Funny how Ned Silver had him at 54 and 2 days later had the Beast at 63. She wasn't that great so maybe, just maybe, it's all phony. Funny how 2 months ago, they had to spot her 5 - 8 points and now they have to spot her 15 - 18.

PS If Trump is doing so badly in CO, why did Frumpty abandon the state the way she did OH and now, apparently, NV? In the last few days in my little corner of NE OH, Trump signs are 5 to 1 over the Beast and we're talking about Akron, among other places.

And, yeah, I was surprised RedState and RCP were that optimistic. But then New Mexico is in play. Anybody honestly think either of the Mambo Kings could be doing that well?

Trump has put more states in play than any of the other 16 could have dreamed of doing. Bur, of course, he's so rude and vulgar. No one else would treat those fine people, the Clintons, like that now would they? No, they'd all be gentlemen about it.

Funny how, even according to RCP, he's less than 2 out in PA, and they have him even closer in FL.

But, when hating somebody is more important than anything else, you can make anything make sense.

PPS How does Romney and Pissy both win NC at the same time?

edutcher said...

You mean RCP is wrong?????

edutcher said...

Somebody's sniffing something, and it ain't gas.

Unless it's her own.

AprilApple said...

Anti-Trump ads all over the place. What do I know - I live here.

AprilApple said...

I like how +5 and +0.5 are the same! Maffs!

AprilApple said...

I would love it if Trump were ahead by 5 points here! It would mean the people of CO liked him, and thought he was a solid candidate.

edutcher said...

There may be anti-Trump ads, but they're not hers, so are we talking TV, newspaper, graffiti, handbills, or what? We haven't seen any here in weeks.

And I'll bet he is up 5. RCP will use anything in its "average". A lot of maps have been marking CO as red, but why look on the bright side when it's so much more fun to swallow all the propaganda?

And I'm sure I'm the only one here who ever missed a decimal point - although, even according to RCP, he's still up.

AprilApple said...

I like how +5 and +0.5 are the same! Maffs!

edutcher said...

Some people really have only one thought per day.

Maybe she'll be able to come up with a new one before Christmas.

It might even be funny.

edutcher said...

Bernie's "racial justice director" takes a few free shots at Frumpty.

Looks like all those Democrat votes might be going elsewhere.

edutcher said...

One other point.

For those of us who know math, rather than maffs, to have an average of +.5, you have to have a figure up enough to outweigh that down 9.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Funny how Trump was doing great until the debate and now, like just after the convention, it's all coming apart.

It is not funny at all ed. What did it in both situations? Trump getting baited by an attack of the Dems and instead of ignoring the obvious trap and going on the attack with Hillary, he keeps punching down at the distraction. Then doubling down on that when it didn't work.

Sort of predictable. Trump needs to be less predictable when the Dems go after him.

I concur Trump has done well. Really well. Rather than you focusing on the past like a loser-- (because that is what losers do), why not focus on what to do to win this race? He could win this thing if he just stopped fucking up. Because he is not winning right now. And he has 34 days left.

edutcher said...

Sorry, dude, but last week all you saw was how he was surging in state polls.

Now, even though nothing has changed, he's in a "death spiral". and how did he get "baited"? Missed that one completely.

I agree it's just like right after the conventions when the media tried to gin up a controversy - the Khan game - after Frumpty didn't get the expected bounce. Now, when they thought she "won" the debate, they're trying the same thing. They're even going back to the old "does he want to win?" dodge of the Cruzzers, when after the conventions we were told he was thinking of dropping out.

Their tax dodge didn't fly and the Ozarks are being shown up for the hypocrites they are (dare I assume you're talking about him bringing up Willie's misconduct and her willingness to forget about the feminist sisterhood?). Now we know he ditched his black son - how do you think that plays among blacks? And bringing up her Hera-like conduct shows she really isn't the "woman's" candidate.

You really need to stop buying the Lefty propaganda so unquestioningly.