Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Singles why do you think you are single?

Reddit top voted comments...
I don't put myself out there, just go to work and back home.
I'm not attractive enough that a girl would approach me, and I am too shy to approach a girl.
Because I'm ugly and socially retarded.
I'm ugly and my standards are way too high... I am a girl
I was married 30 years and my wife died. It's been 3 years and I've gone totally feral. 
People tend to date just so they're not alone. I'm alone and perfectly fine with my life as is. If the right person comes along, I'll loosen up a bit but I'm not changing who I am just so I can have someone to spoon with. When/If the right person comes along It will be natural, unforced, and easy!
That last one is so important because I can't tell you how many people I know forcing themselves in to dysfunctional relationships just for the status of being in a couple.
Last Saturday I was at a party and this couple ruined it for everyone because they started fighting in front of the whole party. She punched him in the face and he called her a cheating whore.
Fuck that shit!
couples on Facebook posting about each other.
Fuck that shit!
Co-dependent couples.
Fuck that shit!
couples who have kids they can't afford.
Fuck that shit!
Couples who can only be in a couple or they have an identity crisis.
Fuck that shit!
I'm single, I'm responsible, I have money, I have my whole life in front of me.
If I want to go hang out with my bros, I can do it when ever I want!
If I want to eat Cheetos off the bathroom floor I can! NO ONE WILL KNOW!
Don't have to shave my pubs.
I can be as discussing or as sexy as I want to be with no judgment.
I can FART and guess what? I enjoy it.
I don't have to figure out when I'm going to delegate my time to anyone.
Here's my philosophy: LOVE your self and all your flaws so that when the time is right you know how to Love someone else and all their flaws. Amen.
So go out there and be YOU! Don't define your self worth by someone else.
Skydive, mountain climb, run a 5k, open a business, learn guitar, build a guitar, look at people in the eye and smile, SING! Hold your head high and say "FUCK YEAH! I'M ME!"
Before you know it people will look at you and think "Man I wish I was single so I could go after that person."
And guess what? One of these times you're gonna run in to a person who likes to do all the same crazy shit you do. You'll start doing them together and than.... BAM!!! You're fucking each others brains out.
And that person will love you because your'e awesome. And you'll love them because they're awesome.
And no one will yell, cry, complain, or give a shit.


AprilApple said...

I like to shave in pubs.

Sixty Grit said...

That's discussing.

I am single because I can spell.

ricpic said...

I never found a woman who was good enough!

Amartel said...

Garrulous single dude makes a good point that there are some people who just cannot be alone but unfortunately they also suck at being together with another person. Death of the party.

Methadras said...

After 26 years of being with someone and now not being with someone, I'll never go back to being with someone. Life is too fucking short at this point. What am I going to learn in a new relationship that I didn't learn with this one. I/we made a lot of mistakes and had tons of success and happiness together, so I don't see a need to try and repeat it again. This way, now I can do what I want, when I want, how I want to without having to endure the whatfor about any of it. If I fuck up, that's on me, but it's also liberating because I don't want to fuck up. I can't afford it anymore.'

Also, the only relationships I honestly see myself being in will most likely be a cuddle-buddy or an FWB. I got needs too, but this way, I can just get up and leave and not give a shit, but honestly, that isn't even remotely on my radar. My friends are all trying to hook me up and shit, but I'm not having any of it since I still believe the opposite sex at this stage in life are batshit crazy. Thank you.