Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Embalming Fruit Slices 3

[Continuation from here]

That is the fruit of my labor -- a faux negroni, served shaken cocktail style. I'm quite pleased with the look. I'm going to keep an eye on it though. Even though the fruit slice is hermetically sealed and completely surrounded by plastic resin, there's a chance that anaerobic bacteria or mold could feed on it from the inside. Mold will eat anything cellulose with residual water -- both of which are present inside that embalmed orange slice.

Oh and, just to head off the negroni purists who insist that the drink be served in a highball glass with ice and an orange wedge -- I started making one of those too but ran out of plastic. I'll finish it in due time. I'm even thinking of sending one to spinelli as a peace offering.

Proof that it's fake:


ampersand said...

Were you responsible for embalming that Ford Skyliner (from the previous post link)?

chickelit said...

@& No. But I did once own a '63 T-Bird and restored it all but cosmetically. I've learned the hard way to be much more superficial. It's what others want.

rcommal said...

Noting the tags, is all.

Trooper York said...

Man I used to love going across the street to Marco Polo and having a Negroni cocktail. I miss it but the no alcohol thing continues.